5 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Headline Stand Out

January 12, 2015

After your profile picture, your headline is the first thing people look at on your LinkedIn profile. It’s the text right under your name, which by default LinkedIn populates with your current job title and employer. Most people leave it like that (I was guilty of this until recently). But, does a job title really encapsulate the impact you have at your company and in your career? Does being a manager or a director really tell people anything about your professional strengths?

We didn’t think so.

Start thinking of your headline as your opportunity to share the difference you make as a professional - your short and catchy mission statement. This little 120-character section is your chance to make a lasting impression and build your brand.

To help get your wheels turning, here are 5 approaches that real life recruiters took to make their LinkedIn headlines stand out:

1. Underline the opportunities you’re creating

Adrian seamlessly links his personal mission as a recruiter with his company LinkedIn’s vision: to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce. Think about the unique impact that you are making at your company and use that to inspire your headline.


2. Highlight your talents as a recruiter

Amybeth shows off her recruiting skills and cleverly brands herself as a “unicorn wrangler.” Think about how you can put a creative spin on your unique value proposition.

Amybeth also includes her Twitter handle. If you’re professionally active on Twitter, why not go ahead and do the same? The more opportunities you create for candidates to see your enthusiasm and personality, the better.


3. Call out the promise of your company

If I wasn’t curious about Airbnb before, I would be after reading Jill’s headline. Think about using your headline to peak candidates’ interest – make them want to talk to you and find out more about your company.


4. Set the right tone for your audience

As someone who studied art in college and comes from a family of artists, I can say this without getting a slap on the wrist – most creatives have egos.  That’s what makes them visionaries.

Hillary plays upon this by highlighting that she’s not just bringing any creative to San Francisco – she’s bringing the very best.  Think about what tone will resonate with your audience. 


5. Show your personality

After seeing John’s witty handle, @bigtalljohn, and description of himself as a “magician,” how could I not want to read more?

Sometimes, adding in a little humor is a good thing – especially if that’s a big part of who you are.  As someone who has spoken with John, I can tell you that he is a very entertaining guy, not to mention great at his job.

John-FleischauerSo, think about what headline approach feels most like you and go from there. Whatever your do, don’t just leave your LinkedIn headline in default mode – take a moment and think about what your “so what?” is. Why should candidates work with you?

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