QUIZ: Are You a LinkedIn Recruiter Pro or a Newbie?

January 23, 2015

If you have always thought that you are a LinkedIn Recruiter pro, now is your chance to prove it. We have created a short 10-question pop quiz that will test your know how in using key LinkedIn Recruiter features such as – Search, Talent Pipeline, Projects, Jobs and more. So, get your thinking hat on and find out if you are making the most out of LinkedIn Recruiter:

If you scored in the “Pro” range, congratulations. To get the word out there, you should consider taking the LinkedIn Certified Professional – Recruiter exam and getting certified. This way everybody would know that you are a great person to have around in a recruiting crisis.

If you scored in the “Seasoned” or “Rookie” range, you are well on your way to becoming an expert. You may want to visit our Learning Center * and choose from our extensive library of tip sheets, self-paced tutorials, videos, case studies and live webinars to up your game.

And, if you scored in the “Newbie” range, fear not. We have the perfect solution for you too. You may want to check out our 60-minute Get Started with LinkedIn Recruiter course to get off to a flying start.

Happy learning!

More about the certification:

The LinkedIn Certified Professional – Recruiter certification exam is the only program that gives you the official LinkedIn Recruiter certification status. It validates your skills in identifying and engaging talent effectively, building a pipeline of talent, and posting jobs using LinkedIn Recruiter. In short, it boosts your professional reputation among your peers and demonstrates that you’ve invested in your career. Don’t forget to use our comprehensive Certification handbook and Certification Preparation Curriculum* to help you succeed.

* Thanks to Jill Gaynor for coming up with the quiz questions.
** Note: The LinkedIn Recruiter Learning Center, which includes the Certification Preparation Curriculum, is available to LinkedIn Recruiter customers only.

** image by clement127