5 Creative Job Posts that Will Inspire Yours

February 27, 2015

Is there a lack of interest in the positions you’re looking to fill? Leverage the lull as an opportunity to get creative with your job announcements and jump start applications.

To help you out, I fished around and found a few that not only caught my eye, but were smart: the companies used the ads as an opportunity to convey their culture and share their brand story. May they inspire you in your quest to attract and hire the best of the best.

1. EverythingMe makes candidates heros

Launcher for Android devices, EverythingMe, leverages the nostalgia of American pop culture icons in getting the word out that it’s looking to build its team of "geeks" to "take smartphones to the next contextual generation.”

For example, automation engineers are portrayed as super-heroic caped crusaders, campaign and product managers are "game changers" and "master builders,"and project managers and software developers are "super geniuses" who use their “powers for good.”

Why do these ads stand out? For one, they are visually captivating. Secondly, superheroes, board games and cartoon characters speak to the child in all of us and good memories are usually associated. Who doesn’t love Monopoly and Legos? Lastly, the creative work sends the message that EverythingMe is serious about the work it does, but also makes time for fun and games.

2. Everlane emphasizes how much it values its employees

Online luxury apparel basics purveyor Everlane prides itself on “radical transparency.” Prime example: an infographic breaks down the cost of creating a men’s cashmere V-neck sweater.

Everlane prices are more affordable because it “cuts out the middleman,” another reflection of the company’s refreshing culture of openness. This nothing-to-hide spirit is also expressed in its recruitment marketing.

Check out this warm and witty catchphrase Everlane used in a posting on Instagram: "We have 1 founder and 46 CEOs. Be the 47th." A new spin on the old adage “be your own boss,” but far more believable and genuine.

Like its thoughtful, streamlined designs, this message is tailored to a tee. Just a few words speak volumes about who the company is and who it wants to welcome aboard. At Everlane, you truly can have your cashmere and wear it too.

3. MailChimp throws in some fun

MailChimp got all “Napoleon Dynamite” on us by testing this ad to see if it would have an impact on its informal meet-and-greet attendance. The number of attendees nearly doubled compared to a previous event. No doubt it was the smart and silly mix of nerd meets niceness that prompted a great turnout.

The company more recently created a series of baseball card-inspired ads for recruiters to hand out at job fairs.

So, if you find that once-reliable modes of hiring aren’t working as well as you’d like, consider experimenting a little. Being just a wee-bit playful can be more rewarding than risky. See the rest of the ads from this successful “experimental” series here.

4. MIT Media Lab grabs attention with the unexpected

I don’t know about you, but I would think that career postings from an institution of higher learning would be as exciting to read as sitting through a lecture on lint. But, this description of a position with the Media Lab at MIT shifted my preconceived notion in nanoseconds. My takeaway? Using an unexpected approach to amp up the uniqueness of a role is a surefire way to wow a candidate.

From this wellspring of words, there were a few items that grabbed me by the gray matter. First off - what a title. You have to keep reading to figure out what exactly this posting is about. It goes on to say that the applicant can be anything, as long as "you make things that matter" and that "if you fit into typical academia, this is probably not the job for you.” Another big surprise: “The position has no specific degree requirement.” Now, that is cool...and different.

5. Vimeo doesn't forget to mention free snacks

I’ll wrap this up with some light fare of sorts. I browsed Vimeo’s jobs landing page and, quite frankly, I got a little hungry. “Snacks” were mentioned no less than three times, and I’ll bet you a burrito that job hunters visiting the site ate it all up.

So, if food is any way, shape or form a part of the benefits package, definitely, DEFINITELY let that be known.

Final thoughts

Sure, these five job descriptions effectively grabbed me by the eyeballs. But what I discovered upon further examination is that each is essentially a successful multitasker, juggling the responsibility of announcing an opportunity with that of telling the company’s culture story in a fun, creatively compelling style. Welcome this modern efficiency into your own recruiting strategy and get more attention from the job seekers you want to hire.

*Featured image from EverythingMe recruitment ads.

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