How to Reveal Your Talent Brand (for Free) in Under 30 Minutes

March 23, 2015

In a recent article, I dispelled the five most common myths regarding talent branding.

What made the list? Things like it’s “too expensive” and “time-consuming” are some of the most common.

Well, here is my proof that talent branding isn’t expensive or time-consuming:

Today, I used my iPhone and the free Capture App for YouTube to create a 2-minute talent brand video. I simply took short video clips with the camera and then put them together in the app, which then let me publish it to my YouTube channel. It took me less than a half-hour to complete. It’s nothing fancy – and for good reason. Candidates actually like it when your company videos aren’t over-produced. (Read this article to see why Millennials are especially turned off by this.)

In fact, here’s a list of why a basic video like the one I created is good for your talent brand:

  1. Shows your company’s fun and spontaneous side.
  2. Helps candidates get a look inside your company’s offices.
  3. Proves you’re down-to-earth and don’t take yourselves too seriously.
  4. Gives your current employees a way to come together, bond as a team, and learn more about each other.
  5. Creates something for you to share on social media (i.e. your LinkedIn page) to attract more candidates.
  6. Allows job seekers to identify with your corporate culture, feel connected to your staff, and begin to feel excited about you as a potential employer! [Don’t believe this has an impact? You may want to read this article on the ‘7 Signs Your Company Isn’t Cool to Work For.’]

The video is below. The toughest part, as you’ll see, was holding the camera up to record myself:

Play, “define that culture,” with me!

By watching this video, I’d like to think you learn a lot about our corporate culture. Here are some things I hope you picked up on:

  1. We’re relaxed and casual – both in work style and dress code.
  2. We care about our families, friends, and each other.
  3. We like positivity and to be inspired.
  4. We feel comfortable sharing about ourselves at work.
  5. We’re each unique in our own way – and proud of it.

See how a simple video can convey so much?

We aren’t pretentious. We aren’t trying to impress. We want people to know we are accessible and normal – just like them. A video like this can convey that, and much more.

So, I challenge everyone reading this to create their own short video and share it with me on social media. You can’t fail because experiments never fail. You learn from them. Plus, if you don’t like it, you can delete it. Just remember: you’ll never find your talent brand voice if you don’t start revealing it to the world. I hope this post inspires you to get started!

J.T. O’Donnell is Founder & CEO of CAREEREALISM Media which works with companies to help them reveal their true Talent Brands

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