One Candidate’s Hilarious Snapchat Job Application

March 5, 2015

Traditional job applications are so two thousand and late. Nowadays, it’s all about standing out from the virtual pile of candidates in any way possible. Just look at what Elski Felson did for his Snapchat job app. 

In order to catch the eye of Snapchat recruiters, Felson combed through the job description he was interested in and picked out the key qualities Snapchat was looking for. Those qualities go something like this:


Instead of writing a trite cover letter, Felson decided to show Snapchat that he is their man by making a Snapchat My Story video. The best part? The video highlights every single quality the job description above mentions but in an unexpectedly hilarious way:

1. A muli-tasking rockstar [who can spin a basketball while biking]


2. A strong writer who can focus on an unstructured team (aka do kettle bell reps while writing and playing pickup basketball with strangers)


3. An expert number cruncher with phenomenal presentation skills (who can balance home budgets and arrange Laffy Taffy in a visually stunning way)

You can see the full video job app below:

Felson has amassed almost 700,000 views to his Snapchat job app, but he shares he still hasn’t heard from Snapchat.

If you were in the shoes of Snapchat recruiters would you offer him an interview? Or at least a few points for creativity and humor? Let us know at @HireOnLinkedIn.