5 Reasons Zombies Ain't Got Nothin' on Recruiters

March 27, 2015

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If you’re like a lot of people, you’re completely captivated by AMC’s post-zombie apocalypse show, The Walking Dead. If you’re like me, zombies aren't really your thing, but your husband is so into it that you figured it’d be easier to suffer a few nightmares than sacrifice Sunday nights together and you ended up liking it against your will. But I digress.

In a recent episode, one of the show’s focal group-members, a gritty, rough-around-the-edges and all-around crossbow-wielding badass, Daryl, is convinced to be a recruiter for a community they've recently joined. For me, it was awesome to see what a prominent role recruiting has come to play for these people even after the whole world around them has gone to hell. For fans of the show, this may have been a surprising development, as the character Daryl hasn't always been a great example of the group’s employer brand, as it were. A friend of mine reacted with “What?! A zombie would be a better recruiter than Daryl!”

On the heels of the upcoming season finale on Sunday, here’s 5 ways recruiters (even Daryl!) are nothing like zombies (warning, some links are to graphic clips from the show):

1. Zombies eat ANYTHING.

Brains? Good. Dead horse? Good. Some random arm that happens to cross paths with a zombie’s mouth? Absolutely. Zombies have a real “good enough” mentality about sustaining themselves. Daryl is selective in who he allows into his life, and great recruiters know that not just any candidate they come across will fit the bill. Even if it means “starving” for a little bit, savvy recruiters know that persistence (and patience) to find a candidate who’s the right fit is a much better payoff than settling for someone who meets the bare minimum.

2. Zombies succumb to herd mentality.

While zombies tend to travel in groups, great recruiters should know how to stand out (and for fans of the show, Daryl definitely does not follow the mold). They stay up to date on and regularly try innovative recruiting strategies, and know how to create a great LinkedIn profile that sets them apart. The experts even become Certified LinkedIn Professional Recruiters.

3. Zombies are slow to react.

Though it’s pretty easy to distract a zombie, it takes them forever to change from the task at hand (evidently eating entrails requires complete focus). Daryl is pretty quick at sizing up a situation and making a decision, even when it means using something other than his crossbow. Excellent recruiters need to be proactive and able to quickly pivot priorities based on changing business and hiring needs. This rings particularly true for professionals in the search and staffing space.

4. Literally anyone can be a zombie.

It seriously takes zero effort to be a zombie. You can be trapped under a car, impaled through a fence, or be missing the entire lower half of your body and still exist. Daryl is well known for his unique tracking abilities (a skill that few had back in the "real world" that proves to be invaluable during the apocalypse), and recruiters are equipped with special skills and tools that enable them to succeed in what can feel like a post-apocalyptic state (anyone who's ever thrown up their hands and said, "I've searched the entire internet!" while trying to make a difficult fill knows exactly what I'm talking about). Recruiters combine skills like sales, marketing, data analysis, consulting, communications, and strategic planning to help businesses hire the best talent to meet their needs.


5. Zombies don't plan ahead.

Zombies only see what's right in front of them. They see light, or hear a noise, not what will happen when those lights turn out to be headlights and run them over. Or when that noise turns out to be a strategic lure that leads them to the business end of Daryl's crossbow. Smart recruiters know that going beyond the surface is critical to success. They set search alerts, leverage tags, and set reminders within LinkedIn Recruiter to help them achieve long term goals.

* photos by AMC

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