Why Data Empowers Recruiters to Hire Better, Faster [Infographic]

March 25, 2015

When there is an overwhelming number of job reqs to fill and a long list of hiring manager requirements for “the one perfect candidate,” it’s hard to find time and be super analytical about the hiring process.

However, we have discovered that data can become every recruiter’s secret weapon for faster recruiting and better relationships with hiring managers. It can be the game changer you need to be more efficient and successful at your job.

Using data, you can speedily identify and prioritize the largest talent pools to source from, saving yourself time down the road. When you can summarize the talent market for your hiring manager and recommend job criteria to include or exclude based on data, hiring managers will view you as their trusted advisor.

Learn more about why data empowers recruiters to hire better, in the infographic below. To become a data master yourself, download our Data Driven Recruiting e-book.

data driven recruiting infographic

Download the Data Driven Recruiting e-book, and you will learn:

  1. Why data is critical for recruiting faster and building relationships with hiring managers
  2. Three steps to becoming a strategic talent advisor
  3. How to research and refine your talent pool using data
  4. How to carry out your sourcing plan
  5. How to measure your recruiting success

You’ll be able to do it all after learning new tips and tricks for using our search insights tool, which will help you research and uncover hidden talent pools in companies, geographies, schools, and experience levels your hiring manager may not have initially considered. You’ll be able to quickly tell if certain job criteria are discardable nice-to-haves vs. essential, and set realistic expectations with hiring managers by leading with data.

Let your data driven recruiting adventures begin!

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data driven recruiting ebook