Your Chance to Send Random Tweets of Kindness

March 10, 2015

It’s An Exciting Time To Be A Student

We’re living smack dab in the middle of the golden age of education. I’m not referring to school or academia, rather the instant access we all have to the world’s information. Our classrooms have no walls. Our curiosity and growth is fueled by Wikipedia. Our knowledge isn’t limited to what we possess through our own education and experience, but now expands to include the collective wisdom of our networks.

Knowledge-Share Fueled Innovation

The field of recruiting has been a huge beneficiary of this new knowledge share. It’s fueled an acceleration of innovation our industry hasn’t seen before. Practitioners are embracing new ideas; proactively building diverse networks of individuals transforming their respective fields, and bringing those cross-pollinated ideas into their organizations. They’re harnessing this “collective intellect” for their own growth, and our industry is better for it.

I’ve certainly been the beneficiary of this knowledge share. I’ve been inspired by dozens of individuals inside and outside our industry. Some have directly helped me and generously shared their time and wisdom. Others whose work and/or contributions to their field I’ve admired from afar. Many of these conversations and relationships began on one of my favorite learning networks, Twitter. I thought it would be fitting to use that same platform to say thanks.

Digital Hat Tip

Last year I wanted to recognize some of these people, publicly, and launched a campaign on Twitter called “Random Tweets Of Kindness”. The premise was simple. I spent a day randomly tweeting people I wanted to thank or recognize for their contributions - to me, to their field, or whose style or contributions I admired. Others joined the campaign, and we decided to make it an annual event.

The next Random Tweets Of Kindness campaign will be Wednesday 3/11/15. To participate, simply send a tweet to the person you want to recognize using the hashtag #RTOK. You can recognize anyone - friends, mentors, current or former colleagues, those you feel are giving back and/or contributing to their field, someone who’s challenged you to new ways of thinking, or that under the radar person you feel deserves a hat tip.

Who would you like to recognize?

-- Lars, Founder, Amplify Talent

* image by Dave Mathis

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