This is Not Your Average Office Anymore: The Workplace Then & Now [INFOGRAPHIC]

March 12, 2015

Looking back at your 80-90s hair and outfits can be an emotionally conflicting moment (especially if you’re Julia Roberts or Brad Pitt). It can make you cringe -- “omg what was I thinking…this looks ridiculous” -- but at the same time it often evokes warm memories and a nostalgic smile. Those were some glorious days after all…

But, what about when it comes to looking back at your workplace?

Can you remember the days of thick phone books, rolodexes, snail mail, and walled-off cubes? Remember having to pick up the phone to call a coworker or, dare we say, having to walk over to their desk and talk to them instead of just shooting them a quick email? And how did people entertain themselves in the office without Buzzfeed and packed social media feeds?

Well, to jog your memory and take you back 20 years ago, we put together the infographic below. It's incredible to see how, over such a short period of time, technology and a perks-heavy culture have transformed our workplace.

What do you miss about work back then and what do you prefer about your workplace now? Let us know at @HireOnLinkedIn.

the workplace then and now


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