5 Amazing Recruitment Videos (That Weren’t Hard to Make)

April 6, 2015

Let’s be real for a second: people like watching videos online, especially good videos. Conversely, not everyone loves reading text online. In fact, I bet 50 percent of you skipped over these few lines and have already begun clicking on the videos embedded in this post (don’t feel guilty, I’d probably do the same thing).

So clearly, when you are designing your career site, it makes sense to put a video on there, and a good one at that. While long-winded mission statements and catchy slogans are great, a video is what most candidates will really absorb.

But, here’s the dilemma: you probably don’t have a camera crew on staff or an unlimited budget or unlimited time to make a video. So, what do you do? Ignore it and miss out on a great way to reach candidates? Heck no! You can always make one yourself. Don’t think you can? Trust us, you can.

For proof, here are five great examples of recruitment videos that weren’t particularly hard to make:

1. Insomniac Games

Combine one musically inclined employee, some basic iMovie graphics and a less-than-stellar camera and you have an amazing recruitment video that had me singing along by the end. The video did a great job of highlighting all the perks at the company, while showcasing the Insomniac brand as approachable and transparent.

Bottom line – who wouldn’t want to work for Insomniac Games after watching this?

2. Salmat

I really love this one for a multitude of reasons. First off, it is easy to make, the filter they are using is a basic iMovie filter and they are just increasing the speed of the footage (also very easy to do). Other than that, it's just some simple B-roll of workers doing funny things and a voiceover.

What do I love about it most, aside from the length (short is always good)? This is the finance team. Most people associate finance professionals with being, well, boring. So this video will really stand out and help attract top talent.

3. Autodesk

This is a simple and effective video that is specifically for one position: interns.

Aside from a few basic graphics in the beginning, the rest of the video is just interns talking about how great their experience has been at Autodesk. And yet, it works, as their real-life stories are both compelling and inspiring.

Giving a look into what your workers do at your company and having them explain why they love it in their own words is an easy, effective strategy for building any recruitment video.

4. Cloudlock

This one is really easy to do – any video editing software, no matter how primitive, will allow you to dub a voiceover over some imported video. But, what’s really smart about this one is it is an effective remedy if you don’t have anyone on staff that is particularly great on camera.

5. Zendesk

In fairness, this one looks like it was professionally done. But the concept is really simple: just some B-roll of the office along with some stills that show off the culture and perks Zendesk offers.

It’s included on the list because along with being an easy-to-replicate concept, it is just a great video. It’s engaging without being silly, gives you that hard-to-achieve “warm, fuzzy feeling” and, most importantly of all, makes you really want to work for Zendesk.

For more tips on making a compelling recruitment video, download our Recruitment Video Playbook.

*Featured image from Zendesk's video