The 9 Most Engaging Status Updates on LinkedIn Right Now

April 1, 2015

Hundreds of thousands of company status updates are posted on LinkedIn every single day. While some enjoy just a few days of love and attention, others get shares and comments for weeks and skyrocket into the ranks of engagement rate legend.

So, why do some status updates get significantly better engagement than others? And the better question—what can you do to maximize the engagement of your own Company or Career Page status updates?

We know that following certain best practices will get you, on average, more engagement. For example:

  • Including a video in your update can increase engagement by 74%
  • Including a link in your update can increase engagement by 84%
  • Including a photo or image in your update can increase engagement by 147%
  • 100% of the top 50 most engaging status updates on LinkedIn last month included either an image, link, or video
  • The top 50 status updates last month averaged 120 characters

But stats can only get us so far.

The most engaging status updates on LinkedIn don’t just follow a recommended word count—they also make the viewer feel something. Humor, inspiration, wonder, cleverness, and pride in something bigger than ourselves.

Here are the 9 most engaging company status updates across LinkedIn in the past month:

1. Network Sunday

NetworkSunday-SUI don’t know about you, but I can’t resist the urge to start searching - my competitive side just HAS to find the word. And once I find it, my sense of pride will compel me to share it with my friends!

This status update puts me, the consumer, first—and that’s why it’s so engaging.

2. Toshiba


We know from the stats I shared above that images have a significant impact on a status update’s engagement rate, and this image is awesome. The text provides context and draws me in to learn about this more sustainable world.

3. Brilliant Ads


This status update appeals to our human side - our sense of humor. And, it takes a page from Network Sunday’s status update by putting the reader first.

4. Google


This eye-catching illustration isn’t just fun to look at, it’s also conveying a powerful message about the stark underrepresentation of female undergraduates studying computer science. As a tech employer, Google stands to benefit from raising awareness about this issue. And, as a socially aware consumer (a female one at that), I’m personally motivated to share this message with my network. A win-win.

5. Seimens


Siemens posted this status update on a timely “holiday”—Pi day. Clever people around the world celebrate pi day on March 14th, and this status update served as a vehicle for them to express their appreciation for pi and innovation.

6. Stanford University

The image of Paul with his daughter Cady, coupled with his final thoughts on life and time before he passed, is a hard status update to pass over. It stands apart from other organization-centric status updates and shares a powerful and moving message we all should hear.


7. Xerox


This status update is one of my favorites—the image is catchy and the biggest risk I take in clicking on it is losing 10 seconds!

8. LinkedIn

linkedin status update

Most companies have “best practices” they follow to be successful, and keep employees happy. So what are yours? Don’t be shy to share your company wisdom with the world. This LinkedIn update reveals how we organize meetings to ensure productivity, and keep employees from drowning in powerpoint slides.

9. Emirates


This status update has two things people love—pretty pictures and numbers. This update provides a cool look-back on all Emirates achieved in 2014, and gives prospective cabin crew trainees a look at what they can expect.

For more insights into what makes an engaging status update—and to explore why company status updates can help you recruit great talent—check out this SlideShare:

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