Why Your Employees are the Key to Talent Brand Bliss

April 28, 2015

There’s a reason why 56% of global talent leaders say talent brand is a top priority. A strong brand has a significant impact on hiring great talent, reducing cost per hire and eventually lowering employee turnover.

And what is the greatest and cheapest way to amplify your talent brand’s reach and impact? Your employees of course! If you don’t already, you should empower all of them to be your talent brand ambassadors.

"Why?" you may ask. Well…

No one knows your talent brand better

You may not realize it, but you’re sitting on a gold mine. Your employees live and breathe your organization’s culture and values and they are the ideal ambassadors to spread the message of who you are as an employer. Nobody sounds more authentic than them.

But it gets better…

Great people know other great people…and they have large social networks

Your employees’ social networks are 10X larger than your company's networks. And as a modern recruiter, you know you can’t promote a winning talent brand alone. Empowering employees to share their talent brand experiences and professional knowledge across social media will not only elevate them as experts, but it will exponentially increase your company’s reach.

Your prospects would trust hearing from employees 3X more than hearing from your CEO

Now, we know you’re still hesitant to encourage all of your employees to be active on social media. As Brendan Browne pointed out in a recent article, you may be afraid that your talent will be more visible and poachable by your competitors.

Perhaps. However, your employees are more connected to the potential talent you want to hire, and they’re the most trusted sources of information about your company – 3X more trusted than your CEO. According to our LinkedIn data, sharing content regularly can increase employee profile views by 6X. Start considering their profile views your talent brand views.

How to tap your trustworthy employees to become talent brand ambassadors

If you want to extend your talent brand reach and source quality hires in today’s digital age, you need to leverage your current talent’s network. That’s why we created a new ebook with 4 Steps to Empowering Employees to Share Professional Content. In this guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Convince your employees to share company and professional content across social media.
  • Curate content and suggest it to employees.
  • Inspire them to actively share content.
  • Measure your success.

Download it now and inspire your employees to become social-savvy professionals. Consider this your roadmap to strengthen your talent brand by empowering employees to share content – as well as their own professional expertise – across the social sphere.

To talent brand, and beyond!

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*Image from Standford GBS