Data Reveals How Candidates Want to be Recruited [INFOGRAPHIC]

May 19, 2015

The best recruiters know what talent wants. They understand their candidates’ deepest motivations and aspirations, and use this knowledge to keep star talent satisfied and engaged throughout the recruitment process.

Alas, we can’t give you super intuition powers. So instead, we surveyed over 20,000 professionals in 29 countries to discover exactly want talent wants throughout their job search journey—and how you as a recruiter can exceed expectations every step of the way.

Today we are thrilled to release these findings in Talent Trends 2015. Besides our global report, we have over 35 geography, industry, or segment editions for you to choose from.

Here are some of the highlights. For a complete look inside the candidate mind, visit our Talent Trends 2015 website and download the right report for you.


Each stage in the recruitment process is an opportunity for you to exceed candidate expectations, strengthen your relationship with talent and leave a lasting positive impression.

Where candidates start their job searches

When candidates are just beginning to explore new opportunities, relationships light the way. Talent turns to their connections on social professional networks (56%) and through personal conversations (50%) on-line or in-person to discover companies that are hiring. This means it’s essential for companies to put relationships first. Encouraging employees to act as brand ambassadors, giving alumni reasons to stay connected, and making all candidates feel like a part of your company’s inner circle will go far in improving your relationships and ultimately yielding more applicants and better hires.

How to catch talent’s attention from the start

When you reach out to a prospective hire, be sure to include the information they want, and don’t waste their short attention span on information that won’t move the needle. Overall, talent wants to first understand what the role’s responsibilities are, then why you as a recruiter are reaching out to them (make them feel special!) and finally, what a reasonable salary range for this position might be. By providing the right information up front, you’re respecting everyone’s time and increasing the odds of getting a response back.

Nail the crucial interview

Help your hiring managers close more candidates by coaching them on what matters most to talent on interview day. An office tour is nice, but make sure at least one interviewer has an in-depth discussion with your candidate about what your company actually does, and how you make money. It’s the #1 thing talent wants to learn during the interview, and often times (sometimes out of fear of asking), it remains a mystery until after the offer letter is signed. No bueno.

Money might make the world go around (it is what 50% of professional deem most important in whether they accept a new job), factors like company culture and more influence in the company also influence why talent accepts a new role.

Discover what really matters to talent around the world in our Global Talent Trends report, or find the country report where you recruit talent.

Have questions about the report findings, or just want to learn more? Join the report authors in a live Global Talent Trends Twitter chat on Wednesday, May 20th from 11:15am-12:00pm PST. We’ll be tweeting from @HireOnLinkedIn. Use hashtag #TalentTrends to ask questions and follow the discussion.

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