Your Guide to Hiring Millennials [INFOGRAPHIC]

May 28, 2015

Ah, millennials. Born between the early 80s and late 90s, this generation continues to baffle researchers, marketers, and pretty much everybody else. Just google “millennials” and you’ll see there is no shortage in articles and studies.

Naturally, millennials present a challenge to employers as well. Recruiting them to join your company requires a different approach from previous generations and understanding their values and motivators is key to hiring and retaining them. It's almost like you need to a guide to really figure out how to approach this finicky generation.

So, we made one.

The infographic below is based on findings from our 2015 Talent Trends Report and illustrates key insights on how millennials behave when it comes to job searching, what they value career-wise, and how you can engage and hire them.

guide to hiring millennials

Millennials are satisfied with their jobs, but open to new opportunities

You might be surprised to see that millennials are just as satisfied with their jobs as other professionals. We’re all aware that millennials tend to job hop more frequently than older generations - the median tenure for millennials is only 3 years, which is less than a third of the median tenure for professionals over 50 years of age.

The takeaway – millennials aren’t necessarily unhappy at work, they’re just more open to trying new things and 84% of them are interested in talking to a recruiter. Furthermore, they’re more likely to be actively looking for a new role, with 36% of millennials claiming they’re active, compared to only 26% of older professionals.

And, they’re looking for these jobs online - 72% of millennials search for jobs on job boards followed by social professional networks and company websites. When it comes where they’re searching from, 72% of millennials use their smartphones, compared to 63% of other professionals.

Personalizing your message and including specifics is essential for getting them interested

When it comes to reaching out to millennials about your open role, the three things they want to hear about most are: the role’s responsibilities, why you contacted them specifically, and the projected salary range.

While they are open to hearing from you through any channel, email is the most popular, followed by an InMail, phone call, and text message.

Highlighting better compensation, professional development, and advancement gets their attention

When it comes to getting a millennial to consider your job offer, there are three main things you should highlight: better compensation, professional development, and more opportunities for advancement.

While compensation is equally as important to other professionals, millennials differ in the higher value they place on opportunities for development and advancement. Highlighting these aspect of the role will get you closer to a “yes.”

Providing feedback and answering all their questions are key to getting them to accept

The interview experience is crucial to getting millennials to seriously consider taking the job, with 78% of them saying that the overall interview experience is very important in their decision to accept an offer.

And, there are two things that need to happen for a millennials to have a positive experience: 1) getting all their questions answered and 2) post-interview follow-up. In fact, even if they don’t get the job, 95% of millennials want your feedback so they can use it for their next interview. And, they’ll respect you more as an employer, which positively affects your employer brand.

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