6 Ways LinkedIn Automatically Builds Your Applicant Pool When You Post a Job

June 23, 2015

In my last article, we covered how to post a job on LinkedIn. Of course, the purpose isn’t just to post a job for posting’s sake, but for it to build an applicant pool of highly qualified candidates.

To help you, we built algorithms into our system that build up your applicant pool, automatically. And, unlike just about any other career site, we can use the information in candidates’ profiles to match your job with the exact type of applicants you’re looking for.

Specifically, the six ways LinkedIn automatically builds your applicant pool are as follows:

1. You instantly get a list of up to 50 prospects

Some of the best candidates are often ones not actively looking for jobs. So, when you post a job on LinkedIn, we suggest up to 50 candidates that best match your job description with the keywords found in the profiles of the prospects.

You can then further sort through this recommended list and contact prospects directly via InMails to begin the conversation.

linkedin job profile matches

2. The post will appear in the newsfeed of qualified candidates

As you might have noticed yourself while perusing on LinkedIn, there is a “Jobs you may be interested in” recommendation module that appears as you scroll through your newsfeed. This is where our algorithm displays the jobs that match the skills and qualifications listed in your LinkedIn profile.

Once your company posts a job, this post will appear in that section for candidates whose LinkedIn profile best matches your job description.

jobs you may be interested in

3. The post will be emailed to qualified candidates

Along those same lines, the people whose profile best matches your job description, and have previously expressed interest in similar jobs, will get emails from LinkedIn, advertising your jobs. To make sure that the job is also visible to the 55% of LinkedIn members who access through mobile devices, the posting will be searchable and pushed to the LinkedIn Job Seeker App of smart phone users.

4. The post will appear on similar job postings

Next, when the a LinkedIn member clicks on the “View Job” button on an interesting opening, they will be directed to the job description page where they can get more details on the role. And once a member begins looking at jobs, on the right rail is a section entitled “People also viewed,” which lists related openings.

So, if you are looking for a Financial Analyst in Boise, Idaho and another Boise, Idaho company has a job post for a financial analysts, there’s a good chance your job will appear to the right of their job post. 


5. The post will appear on your LinkedIn Company Page

Your LinkedIn company page will list all the jobs you’ve posted on LinkedIn. Obviously, this is only as effective as the amount of followers your Company Page has. Here’s some advice on how to build a larger following for your LinkedIn company page.

6. The post will appear in search results

Lastly, all jobs posted on LinkedIn are searchable within LinkedIn. So, if a job seeker is looking for sales manager position in Czech Republic and types in “sales manager,” all sales manager positions will appear as seen below.


Keep this in mind when labeling your job post. For example, “conversation samurai” might sound cool, but “marketing manager” is going to be much more search- friendly.

Of course, those are just the six ways are system helps you build an applicant poll. We also recommend sharing your job post on social media and letting your existing employees know to encourage referrals.

Also, if you really want to get your post out there, you can sponsor it on LinkedIn by following these instructions.

Happy recruiting!

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