Onboarding in a Box: Your Complete New Hire Resource Kit

June 9, 2015

You thought you had that candidate in the bag after they signed the offer letter. In reality, they’re still determining if their new career choice was the right choice.

The onboarding process is a make-or-break first impression, and new hires are quick to make a decision. 1 in 4 employees quit within the first 45 days, and even 4% of new hires leave after a disastrous first day. When their gut tells them that the expectations of the job or the company were misrepresented, or that the room for growth isn’t there, they are quick to act.

It’s time to take onboarding seriously: Get the kit

Onboarding is a critical point in the talent lifecycle. It bridges the gap between candidate experience and employee experience, transitioning the responsibilities between talent acquisition and talent management. It also acts as a catalyst for business success. If you onboard new hires effectively, you could increase job satisfaction, raise their productivity speed, and retain talented employees, ultimately saving your company money.

That’s why we’re excited to give you this Onboarding in a Box, a complete resource to make a powerful first impression. From inspiring examples to practical guides, you’ll find everything you need at every stage of your new hire process, including:

1. Pre-Boarding Package

One of the most important and often overlooked steps is pre-boarding, which helps you get ready for the new employee by taking care of important logistics like payroll, benefits, welcome information packets.

2. First Day Experience

“New hire orientation” is so stale. Give your fresh employees an amazing first impression with an interactive and fun first day on the new job.

3. First Month Essentials

As new employees get entrenched into your company’s culture and ramp into their role, they’ll need a refresher and more information on day-to-day basics. Learn how to get them get engaged and productive ASAP.

4. First Quarter Tools

The first 90 days are a critical time in establishing a new hire’s success. Use these tools to train the new hire’s manager to take on more of the onboarding responsibility and manage their employee effectively.

5. Measure Your Success

New hire and business needs are always changing, so your onboarding process must constantly evolve. Gather feedback, measure success and reiterate your program.

Ready to make the first impression count? Download Onboarding in a Box and get started today!

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