Survey: Nearly 1 in 3 Employees is Looking for a New Job

June 24, 2015

How loyal are your employees? Well, according to the 2015 Talent Trends survey of over 20,000 employed professionals in 29 countries, nearly one in three said they are actively looking for new work.

The survey, which queried people from across the globe, revealed that 30 percent of all employed professionals are actively searching for a job. That jumped from 2014, where in a similar survey, 25 percent of employed professionals said they were looking for new work.


What’s interesting about the survey was that nearly half of employed professionals who are looking for a new job said they are satisfied with their current roles; with only one of out five saying they are unsatisfied with their current position.


Additionally, nearly half of all employed professionals would be “extremely and very interested” in hearing from a corporate recruiter, whether they're looking for a new job or not. Conversely, only one in five said they are “not very or not at all interested” in talking with one.


What does this mean for recruiters? Don’t be afraid to reach out. The majority of employed professionals are willing to talk with you, with nearly one in three actively looking for a new job.

What does this mean for HR? Just because a person is satisfied with their job doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t looking for new work. It’s critical to continue to challenge your employees with work they feel is meaningful.

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