The Jobs That are Least (And Most) Likely to be Soon Replaced By Machines

June 4, 2015

Workers have so much competition today, and not just from an ever-increasing talent pool in today’s global economy. There’s also the very real threat their jobs might be replaced by a machine.

Manufacturing, for example, has gone from people doing most of the work to machines doing most of the work. Travel agent was once a popular job, now there’s Expedia. Heck, even cashiers are being weeded out for automatic checkout stations.

So what are the jobs that are least likely to be replaced by new technologies in the next twenty years, and what are the most? Well, The Economist recently published a study that looked into that exact issue, and here’s what it found (hint: it’s good news for dentists and recreational therapists, and bad news for telemarketers):

jobs that are least and most likely to be replaced by machines computers

This is valuable information, particularly for recruiters. After all, if you are recruiting for telemarketers, and there’s almost a 100 percent chance that job won’t exist anymore in twenty years, than it’s time to start thinking about the next jobs you’ll be recruiting for.

Bigger picture, it’s just a reminder to recruit for not just the skills a position requires today, but the skills it’ll require in the future. After all, if you are only bringing on people who can do roles that will eventually go away, there’s a good chance your position will go away, too.

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