3 Reasons to Use Sponsored Updates to Boost Your Employer Brand

July 20, 2015

Most companies want to invest their employer brand, as the bottom-line impact speaks for itself. The question a lot of talent acquisition teams are faced with today is how.

To find out, we asked 4,125 leaders in talent acquisition a simple question: what channels or tools have you found to be the most effective in spreading your employer brand? Here are their tabulated responses, in graph form:

best tools for spreading employer brand

As you can see, a company’s website is still its meat-and-potatoes when it comes to spreading its employer brand, but its importance has dwindled the past two years. Meanwhile, what’s becoming increasingly more important is thriving in the places where prospects are already spending their time: social media and professional networks, most notably LinkedIn.

And while there are many ways to use LinkedIn to improve your employer brand, one way to supercharge it quickly is through Sponsored Updates. What makes them different than just traditional LinkedIn updates?

Three things :

1. Reach people you otherwise wouldn’t have

When we surveyed those 4,125 talent acquisition leaders what they were looking to achieve when investing in their employer brand, the number one answer (50 percent of all respondents) they gave was “to raise general awareness” of their brand.

In other words, a lot of these companies believe in their employer brand and are building great content showcasing it. The issue is that your company career page and your social media sites are easily discoverable only by people who already know about your brand and have you top of mind.

What about people who have no clue about your business and are not already following you on social media?

The best way to get their attention is through LinkedIn Sponsored Updates. Sponsored Updates allow you to reach the entire LinkedIn work of over 364 million members.

An example is Lyft, which used Sponsored Updates to recruit software engineers:


2. Reach the exact people you want to reach

It’s great to reach a lot of people, but quality matters just as much as quantity. One of the advantages of LinkedIn’s Sponsored Updates is that you can target the exact audience you want.

For example, if you want your sponsored update to only be seen by software engineers in Boston, only software engineers in Boston will see your update. This ensures your money is spent wisely.

A perfect case study of this is Intel:

sponsored updates case study intel

3. Use analytics to find out what works (and what doesn’t)

The third benefit of Sponsored Updates is they are data-rich. Each one comes with its own dashboard that shows you the post’s impressions (how many people saw the update), clicks, interactions, the amount of followers acquired from the update and the engagement percentage:

sponsored updates metrics

Obviously, these analytics help you control cost and show the overall effectiveness of a post. But they also let you easily perform A/B testing and give you an understanding of what resonates with your audience - and what doesn’t. 

Final Thought

As our own survey found, industry leaders are increasingly-finding LinkedIn to be one of the most effective tools to building their employer brand. That’s caused many to put real effort in perfecting their LinkedIn presence.

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates serve as gasoline to these efforts: it showcases your content to people who otherwise wouldn’t see it in a data-rich and targeted way. The end goal is more of the right people talking about the brand you’ve worked so hard to build.

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