Hiring Managers Speak Up on Love Your Recruiter Day

July 15, 2015

At first glance, the hiring manager/recruiter relationship is nothing to write home about.

Recruiters seem to feel like order takers instead of true partners, while 61% of hiring managers believe that recruiters don’t really understand the jobs they’re recruiting for.

But we don’t believe at stopping at first glances -- as we don’t believe that’s all there is to the recruiter/hiring manager story.

In the past 3 weeks, we reached out to numerous hiring managers across the UK and asked what they thought of the recruiters they worked with. We wanted to figure out how hiring managers felt about the real people they partnered with vs. the abstract “recruiters” they talk about in the surveys.

As you may guess, the results didn’t disappoint. We were inundated with effusive messages of recognition, which showed sincere appreciation and pride in working together.

Read on to get a powerful infusion of warmth, fuzziness, but most of all a true feel for the partnership between recruiters and hiring managers. The stories below are just a few of the many we received from hiring managers – apologies we couldn’t publish them all #recruiterlove:

1. About James Price, Recruiter at Rentalcars.com: 

"If James wants you in...he WILL find you and he WILL recruit you. If things are not as straightforward as he would like, James enters what can only be called an undercover operation. He will stamp out the competition, razzle dazzle you with his master skills of persuasion and make sure you really have no doubt that you are making the right choice – a rare skill in a situation of change, uncertainty and career defining decisions."

2. About Hannah Brown, Recruiter at British Transport Police:

"Recruitment in IT is difficult and boring but Hannah has been my recruiter for the past year and has been amazing! Hannah has definitely made recruitment fun whilst working hard to find the best possible candidates. I am confident that when I give Hannah a role fill, I don't even have to give her any more details, she does all of the hard work so I don't have to. Hannah is an absolute joy to be around and everyone in IT loves her. Hannah, you are the best!"

3. About Nicolas Lutter, Recruiter at Expedia:

"Nicolas is a great recruiter and he is really easy to work with --  excellent communication skills, very sociable and funny! He can work on 40 to 50 positions at the time and he still has time for meetings! You rock Nico!"

4. About James Scottwood, Recruiter at Hiscox Insurance:

"James recruited nearly 150 customer-obsessed superstars with minimal agency support by developing an "Awesome" campaign where cards were handed out to anyone in the local area who delivered outstanding service. Brilliant campaign, brilliant results, brilliant recruits."

5. About Hazel Shaw, Recruiter at Oasis Fashion:

"We love Hazel. She's always so helpful and keen to support the teams fill their vacancies. She's eager to try new and exciting methods to source candidates and has built some really great relationships with various educational establishments over the last 12 months. The calibre of the candidates she sources are great and perfect for our brand."

Happy “Love Your Recruiter Day” (July 16th)! If you want to share your [professional] love for a recruiter, tweet us using the hashtag #recruiterlove so we can let the world know.

* image by Linh Nguyen

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