The Pose Every Recruiter Should Strike to Start the Day

July 31, 2015

If you’re a recruiter, you spend each workday in a jungle.

The hiring managers are the lions, roaring orders about purple squirrels and eminent deadlines. The best candidates are the antelopes, who give you mere seconds to strike before they dart away for other pastures.

The worst candidates are the mosquitos, circling your head, nipping away at you with emails and voicemails, demanding updates on their status.

And you, you are the tribes person. You have to hunt and gather for the right people and avoid bloodthirsty predators (i.e. angry bosses) while trying to get enough out of it all to live on.

The key to surviving in the jungle? Confidence. Confidence that no matter how many candidates reject you, no matter how much pressure your own company puts on you, you’re going to come out on top, with some great people for your open positions.

The Wonder Woman pose is the key to confidence

Lucky for you, there’s a highly-effective way to improve your confidence, and all it takes is two minutes. All you have to do is stand in the Wonder Woman “power pose”  - hands on your hips, feet apart, back straight as a rail - for two minutes each morning.

I know, sounds ridiculous. But there’s real science behind it, which suggests standing in the “power pose” for two minutes each day increases your testosterone levels (meaning more confidence) and decreases your cortisol levels (meaning less stress and anxiety).

Here’s the physiology of it all, explained by social psychologist and Harvard Business School Professor Amy Cuddy in her TED Talk:

Still don’t believe me?

Well, here’s the real proof: I tried it...and it worked.

Just to give you a quick look behind the curtain, I’m probably not the most confident guy in the jungle. My energy level is decent, but like anyone, I could always use more.

I did the “Wonder Woman” pose for a week (I know, I really need to change the name). The results?

After I’m done, I feel a little like this:

And I feel like I can accomplish this:

Seriously, I’m more optimistic. I’m more energetic. It’s easier for me to focus. I’m far more confident. And, most importantly, I’m happier (I mean, I was happy before...but now I’m really happy).

And I’m not alone. My talented colleague, the intrepid Lydia Abbot, has felt the power of the Wonder Woman pose as well.

“Before an interview I was really nervous about, I went in the bathroom and stood in the Wonder Woman pose for two minutes,” Abbot said, recounting the event. “I swear just standing like that made me feel more confident and eased my nerves"

So you, as a recruiter, have a lot to accomplish each day. You have to nail your screening interviews, and your meetings with your hiring managers, and all the administrative stuff. On top of all the things you have to do outside of work, whether it be managing your social life, your marriage or your children.

To make it all happen, take two minutes out of each morning and pose like a champion. If you’re anything like me, it’ll give you the edge you need to start living the life of one, too.

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*Image from Wonder Woman

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