8 Companies that Rock Their Talent Brands on Instagram

August 13, 2015

Crafting a compelling social media strategy is a key part of any successful talent branding strategy. With Instagram being tremendously popular with people under 35 years of age, it's become a crucial network for attracting millennial talent and a great place to show off your company culture and the daily life in the office.

What does it take to actually create an engaging Instagram that showcases your talent brand?

Well, to give you some examples, we poked around and found eight companies that are doing a stellar job of rocking their talent brand on Instagram right now. See those eight below and if you want to stay up to date with more examples of the best in talent branding, follow our new @talentbrandwins Instagram account.

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite employees use the hashtag #hootsuitelife to show off the company's culture on social media. Then the Hootsuite social media team curates those posts and adds them to the company's Instagram account. This allows for a very authentic peek into what's going on in their offices across the world...and turns out it's a great way to showcase the excellent food the employees get to try.

2. Ebay News

Ebay recently leveraged its Day 1 as a public company with a full blown multi-office event that resulted in thousands of employee social media posts with #weareebay. They curated the best ones on @ebay_newsroom.

3. Everlane

What would it be like to work at Everlane? What types of decisions does the company make, and how do they do it? Their Instagram account answers these questions and more with their commitment to #RadicalTransparency, a core value they support through photos.

4. NPR Interns

NPR has some of the most laid back, fun, smartest, and most engaged interns – or so they make it seem through their very own Instagram account.

5. Macy’s Careers After College

You can feel the energy, excitement and professionalism of Macy’s intern program through this Instagram account’s photos.

6. Mailchimp

A scene from our monthly game night #✉️🐵

A photo posted by MailChimp (@mailchimp) on Apr 28, 2015 at 7:41am PDT

Mailchimp shows off their nice office digs and celebrates employee’s personal style (and intelligence).

7. gotripadvisor

Gathering places in the outdoor space, photo by @rosslaurenm #TripOnTheMove A photo posted by TripAdvisor Careers (@gotripadvisor) on Jul 7, 2015 at 9:32am PDT

Every time I look at Trip Advisor’s Instagram account, I picture myself walking through their beautiful new office space with people who love helping people travel…..

8. Target Volunteers

Instead of telling candidates they’re committed to public service, Target actually shows them. The company has an Instagram account dedicated entirely to elevating and celebrating their employees’ public service efforts. Pretty cool.

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