Staffing Agencies: Here is What Your LinkedIn Followers Expect from You [INFOGRAPHIC]

August 17, 2015

Social media followers consist of your customers, advocates and potential employees. With the click of a button, this group has proactively chosen to receive your company updates. On LinkedIn, research shows that a staggering 79 percent of your followers are interested in job opportunities and over half of them will share your content.

You’ve worked so hard to grow your follower base, but now what? What type of content should you share? And how frequently should you reach out to them?

Well, the LinkedIn research team decided to go straight to the source for some answers. They surveyed followers of staffing agencies on LinkedIn and the results were fascinating.

For starters, professionals expect recruitment agencies to have a presence on LinkedIn. Not only that, but they really want to hear from you. Just make sure the content is relevant -- your followers expect to hear about  job opportunities, industry news or even career advice. Pretty easy so far, right?

Check out the infographic below to find out what else you can do to grow and engage your followers this summer:

what professionals expect from staffing agencies on linkedin


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