The Single Greatest Button On Any Careers Site. Ever.

August 14, 2015

There are a lot of great websites on the web. Like the one that tells you if your computer is on or off (usually, it is the former). Or the one that shows every plane in the air at this very moment. Or this one, which is just beyond bizarre.

Yet they all pale in comparison to the Air New Zealand career site. Sure, the site is a strong career site on its own, but what really makes it great is the emergency pull-cord button.

Wait, what’s the emergency pull-cord button?

Great question. Have you ever looked for jobs while at work? (It’s okay, we all have.) Well, Air New Zealand’s emergency pull-cord button has you covered.

When you go to Air New Zealand’s career page, there’s an orange button in the upper-right corner (the emergency pull-cord button). If you hover over it, a screen pops up that reads: “Is your boss coming? Pull in case of an emergency!”.

air new zealand career site
So what happens if you press the button? All of a sudden, a screen pops up that looks like Microsoft Excel (pictured). This way, when your boss comes by, he or she thinks you are actually doing work (sucker).

air new zealand career site joke

It is worth noting this fake Microsoft Excel page has some interesting stats. For example, it states that 90 percent of people press the emergency pull-cord button simply because they just wanted to pull the cord, with only 10 percent doing it because their boss was coming.

Of course, the page also says all data about the emergency pull cord button is 100 percent accurate merely 60 percent of the time, meaning there’s a 40 percent chance it isn’t true (for whatever that’s worth).

So, your boss finally leaves, and you want to resume your job search? No problem. Just click anywhere on the fake Microsoft Excel screen, and you can go back to browsing for jobs at Air New Zealand.

Like an office James Bond, only cooler.

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