The Two Medallia Recruiting Videos That You Have To See

August 21, 2015

Medallia, a SaaS-based business that specializes in capturing customer feedback, certainly can’t be accused of having boring recruiting videos.

The Palo Alto-based company has two recruiting videos in particular that jump off the page, as well as a larger supply of more traditional ones. The first is entitled “Medallia Presents the Reply All”, where various departments within the company – marketing, finance, legal, etc. – take turns poking fun of themselves.


The second, entitled “We Are Medallia”, is a spoof based off the song “Hello” in the Broadway play A Book of Mormon. The video features dozens of Medallia employees singing the benefits of working for the company:

Interesting, to say the least.

Do these videos work? Well, I suppose that’s up for you to decide. But it certainly gives the impression that Medallia is a fun place to work, with some great benefits to boot.

If you yourself are curious of upgrading your recruiting video, we have a whole playbook on that. Or, if you have an opinion about either of Medallia’s videos, we’d love to hear it at @HireOnLinkedIn.

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