10 of Our Most Impactful Recruiting Product Enhancements This Year

September 14, 2015

Here at LinkedIn Talent Solutions, we strive to consistently improve our products by incorporating customer feedback, analyzing behavioral data, and relentless testing. In the past year, we have delivered significant new functionality across all of our recruiting products in order to achieve one goal: to help you find, engage, and recruit the best talent.

Though this list is by no means exhaustive, here are some of the biggest enhancements of the past year.

Updates to help you find the best talent, faster

One of our biggest priorities is making the search functionality of LinkedIn Recruiter as powerful and accurate as possible so that you can identify the right talent. Over the past year, we have significantly enhanced our search capabilities:

1. Personalized search:

LinkedIn Recruiter learns from your search tendencies to customize the search experience for you over time. Since releasing this enhancement, we’ve seen a 20% increase in profile views per search and a 30% increase in InMails sent per search – meaning recruiters like you are able to find the right candidates more easily than before.

2. Search insights:

This feature lets you see valuable data about the talent pools you are interested in. The information covers which companies your targets work for, what schools they went to, their typical length of work experience, and more to help you build an effective search strategy and be a strategic partner to your hiring managers.  


Updates to help you engage potential candidates effectively

Once you find the right candidates on LinkedIn, the next step is to contact them via InMail. To help you engage them more effectively, here are some of the ways we improved the InMail experience in 2015:

3. New InMail compose experience:

You can now compose an InMail while viewing a potential candidate’s LinkedIn profile, allowing you to easily personalize your message. Our data shows that personalization greatly improves the likelihood that a candidate will respond to your InMail.


4. InMail policy enhancements:

When you receive a response to your InMail, you get an InMail credit back - regardless of whether the message is accepted or declined. Since being implemented, this policy has created a better experience for members, and increased the overall InMail response rate across the platform.

5. Advanced InMail analytics:

We now provide you with advanced InMail analytics that let you keep track of your activity, including how many InMail credits you have left, the amount of InMails you sent, the amount of InMails candidates have responded to and the date when you’re eligible for more InMail credits.

Updates to streamline your workflow

We want you to be able to manage talent on LinkedIn Recruiter as efficiently as possible. We’ve made several enhancements to streamline your workflow and help you be more productive, as part of the new Projects experience:

6. Managing Projects in Recruiter:

Recruiter now helps you easily track star candidates and automatically updates their statuses as they move through the recruiting process, so you can more efficiently manage your talent pipeline.


Smart Filters, which automatically categorize candidates based on their latest recruiter activity, are but one example of the new Projects experience.

7. Job applicants in Projects:

Now, when you create a project in Recruiter based on a job you’ve posted on LinkedIn, candidates who apply to that job will be automatically added to the project.

8. Sharing Projects and Profiles:  

When it comes to finding and managing talent, it’s critical to collaborate with your hiring team. Recruiters can now share entire projects – whether these contain potential candidates for a currently open job or pipelined candidates for a future opportunity – with their teammates and hiring managers, so all stakeholders can stay on the same page.

Updates to let your job posts reach more relevant job seekers

In addition to developing new and improved ways to source candidates with LinkedIn Recruiter, we have also invested in ways to better engage our network of job seekers. These moves have netted over a 40 percent year-over-year increase in visits to jobs-related pages since last June, meaning a job post on LinkedIn now reaches more relevant candidates than ever before.

9. Relevant job seeker outreach:

Your job posts are being shown to greater numbers of relevant, interested job seekers. In addition to search engine optimizations that ensure that potential candidates find your relevant job posts, we have also improved the algorithm that recommends jobs to active and passive candidates on LinkedIn.

10. Job Search on mobile:

In addition to our existing iOS offering, we have launched a new Job Search app for Android to enable potential candidates’ job-seeking activities while on the go.

Putting it all together

These are just some of the improvements we’ve made to our products at LinkedIn Talent Solutions in the past year – stay tuned for Talent Connect Anaheim as we unveil exciting new features! If you have any questions about how to use any of the new features, check out the Learning Center.

Happy recruiting.

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