Exclusive Preview: 8 Standout Keynotes from Talent Connect Anaheim

September 17, 2015

What stands out most about the keynote speakers at Talent Connect Anaheim – LinkedIn’s conference led by and designed for talent acquisition and HR leaders - is their variety.

There’s the head of Uber, talking about how she found the employees necessary to fuel the company’s multibillion-dollar growth. There’s a man who spent 100 days getting rejected 100 times, and the lessons recruiters can learn from that. And there’s the brain behind shows like the Real Housewives franchise and Millionaire Matchmaker, talking about what he looks for in a star.

The best news? It isn’t too late to attend the event by registering here. Or, if you can’t make it, you can still register to watch Talent Connect via live stream during the days of the event, which are Oct. 13 to 15.

Want to know more about our keynote presenters? Well, here’s a quick look into seven of the keynotes we are most excited about.

1. Andy Cohen tells us what he looks for in talent

As the current executive vice president of development and talent at Bravo and the brain behind some of the network’s most successful shows, Cohen is uniquely positioned to know lies at the heart of great talent.

Additionally, he also managed to work his way up from an intern at CBS to the host of his own hit nightly talk show, Watch What Happens Live. In his keynote address, Cohen will share his perspective on what makes great talent, along with some lessons he’s learned from his own unconventional career.

2. Uber’s head of talent tells the world how she helped staff a $50 billion company

Uber was founded just six years ago. And already, according to some reports, its value could be upwards of $50 billion.

Now that’s hyper-growth.

To make that happen, Uber has had to drastically scale its workforce throughout all corners of the globe. Since 2013, Renee Atwood, the company’s global head of people, has been the one largely responsible for leading that growth.

In her keynote, Atwood will detail the recruiting strategies Uber implemented to fuel that hyper-growth, which started with building a strong culture within the company. It also included an innovative interviewing philosophy, giving freedom to its teams in different cities and creative ideas like “interview in an Uber,” where Uber candidates are interviewed during an Uber ride.

3. LinkedIn’s head of HR and head of recruiting on how to overcome differences and work together

When Pat Wadors started at LinkedIn as its head of HR in 2013, she wanted to take a step back and make some changes. Meanwhile, Brendan Browne, the company’s head of talent acquisition, had his foot squarely on the gas pedal and wanted to keep pushing forward.

Thanks to some frank conversations and game changing results, the two were able to overcome their differences and truly create “one team” where talent acquisition supports HR, and vice versa. In their presentation, Wadors and Browne will outline their own success, as well as detail how other TA and HR departments can join together to form a mutually-beneficial relationship.

4. The king of rejection on why rejection is awesome for recruiters

Jia Jiang is an expert in rejection. In fact, he once was rejected 100 times in 100 days, just to see what he could learn from it.

In his presentation, Jiang will share those lessons with recruiters, who face daily rejection from both hiring managers and candidates. His talk will focus on avoiding that fear of rejection and the importance of staying true to your beliefs when recruiting.

5. One woman’s story on why she dedicated herself to the greater good

In 2011, Veronika Scott graduated from the College for Creative Studies with a promising career in front of her as a product designer. However, rather than take the corporate route, she decided to spend her life helping the homeless, through her non-profit Detroit-based organization The Empowerment Plan.

There, Scott designed a winter coat that could also turn into a sleeping bag; an ideal item for homeless people dealing with the crippling cold of Michigan. And rather than have the coats manufactured overseas, she hired homeless people to make them instead.

In her presentation, Scott will talk about how companies can empower people with their own hiring process while raising awareness for the growing problem of homelessness in America.

6. L'Oréal on some of their cutting-edge (and data-driven) recruiting techniques

What is the connection between beards, memories and talent acquisition? Well, you’ll find out in a joint presentation by L'Oréal Vice President of Talent Acquisition Frédérique Scavennec and L’Oreal Head of Digital Talent Zvi Goldfarb, who will share some of their unique recruiting tactics like emoji recruiting and creative types of content-based employer branding.

Along with providing inspiration for fellow talent acquisition teams, Scavennec and Goldfarb will also explain how to measure ROI on your digital efforts and build a scalable digital talent acquisition ecosystem.

7. Hootsuite shares how they are bringing open-source approaches to their talent strategy

We all go to conferences and hear why and what companies are doing - which is awesome. But, we often walk away wondering...how?

In this keynote, Ambrosia Vertesi, VP of Talent at Hootsuite, and Lars Schmidt, Founder at Amplify Talent, will share Hootsuite’s journey to “working out loud” and bringing open-source approaches to the company's talent strategies. From #BSU to #BCorp, learn how Hootsuite and leading companies are introducing open-source approaches to HR, and get actionable resources to take back to your organization.

8. LinkedIn's CEO and the head of product for Talent Solutions talk about the future of the company and its recruiting products

In his presentation, LinkedIn's CEO Jeff Weiner will discuss his vision on how LinkedIn can continue its efforts to connect talent with opportunity on a global scale. While Eddie Vivas, the Head of Product for LinkedIn Talent Solutions, will reveal the future of the LinkedIn recruiting product line.

In order to hear these exciting talks, join us at Talent Connect on October 13-15 in Anaheim.

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