Hire, Market, and Sell Better Using LinkedIn Elevate’s New Features

September 29, 2015

As you may recall, back in April we introduced Elevate -- a product that helps companies curate and share content with their employees, and measure its impact on hiring, marketing, and sales. It also helps employees discover content, share it with their social networks, and measure its impact on their professional brands.

Since then, we’ve been working with select companies, like DLA Piper, Fortinet, and Visa, to make Elevate even more valuable to employees and employers. And today I’m thrilled to share that Elevate is now available for purchase to all large enterprises, and is jam-packed with powerful new features you can’t find anywhere else.

Audience Demographics: Insights Into Who Engaged With Your Employees’ Content

Tracking clicks, likes, comments, re-shares, and reach is great. But those metrics are useless if, for example, you’re trying to influence CIOs at Fortune 500 companies and your employees’ content is reaching partners at law firms. That’s why Elevate now shows curators the job functions, companies, and industries of the members their employees’ content is reaching, and whether or not their content is resonating with those members.


Employee Insights: Insights Into How Sharing Strengthens Your Professional Brand

We built Elevate from the ground up to be mutually beneficial to employees and the companies they work for. Sharing content with social networks helps employees strengthen their professional brands. But seeing is believing. If employees don’t see how they benefit from sharing content, their engagement will wane.

That’s why Elevate shows employees how sharing is helping strengthen their professional brands. They’ll now receive emails that highlight the profile views that resulted from content they shared, and which influential people in their networks viewed, liked, commented on, or shared their content.

They’ll also receive notifications when content they shared receives a large number of likes, comments, or shares, or is re-shared by an influential person in their network (these insights will also be available in the notifications tab in the Elevate iOS, Android, and web apps).


Plus, employees can now share content on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

I could go on and on about the benefits of using Elevate, but I’m sure you’d prefer to hear from some of the employees and companies who’ve been using it. Without further ado:

How Elevate Helps Strengthen Your Professional Brand

Numerous employees have told me that they’re sharing more frequently because Elevate makes it so easy to discover and share content. And that sharing has increased their visibility among coworkers, customers, and prospects, which has helped strengthen their professional brands. That intrigued our team, so we did a little digging and discovered that across all the companies using Elevate, employees have shared four times more than they did before. That illustrates that employees realize how they benefit from sharing.  

How Elevate Helps Visa Hire And Retain Talent

Visa has been using Elevate to attract and retain talent. “As a leading technology company, we compete for talent not only with traditional financial services companies, but also with startups and technology companies,” said Visa’s Vice President of Corporate Social Media Lucas Mast. “Elevate helps our best advocates -- our employees -- endorse our brand, which makes Visa a more attractive employer. Additionally, it helps us retain employees because they value Visa helping them build their own professional brand on LinkedIn, which is a win-win situation.”

Visa’s employees have shared more than seven times more frequently since they started using Elevate. That has resulted in a 5x increase in Visa job views and Company Page followers, and in concert with the company’s other activities on LinkedIn, influenced a significant number of new hires.

How Elevate Helps DLA Piper Market

DLA Piper has been using Elevate to strengthen its lawyers’, partners’, and professionals’ brands and increase the firm’s brand awareness. DLA Piper's lawyers, partners, and professionals have shared twice as frequently, and influenced three times more Company Page followers and two times more Company Page views, since they started using Elevate.

“We have always had a strong content-driven culture,” said DLA Piper Senior Digital Communications Manager Daryl Drabinsky. “We recognized early on that people tend to engage more with content shared by individuals than employers. Elevate helps our people discover and share content that positions them as thought leaders, helps them connect with clients and prospects, and favorably positions our brand.”

How Elevate Helps Fortinet Sell

Fortinet Marketing Communications Specialist Michael Perna and his team at Fortinet have been using Elevate to help their sales force become more socially savvy and increase sales. “Elevate increases sales serendipity,” he said. “The app makes it easy for sales reps to quickly learn about what is going on in their industry, and then share content on social networks that showcases their expertise and establishes them as the first resource customers and prospects will turn to when they need help.”

Fortinet sales reps have shared nearly four times more frequently since they started using Elevate. As a result, their profile views have nearly doubled, and they’ve made three times as many new connections, proving the content they’re sharing is positioning them as experts and resources for customers and prospects.

Elevate has come a long way since April, and I’m unbelievably excited about how much it’s helping employees and employers. But we’re just getting started! We’re working on even more improvements to Elevate that we’ll unveil very soon. If you need something to whet your appetite in the meantime though, you can learn more about Elevate here.

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