One Company's Edgy Approach to Recruiting Engineers: A Drake Cover Song

September 11, 2015

When you go to RealSelf’s career page, everything seems pretty standard.

There’s a link to open jobs. There are photos of employees having fun at their office. And there are classic recruitment videos highlighting the values and culture at RealSelf, which provides reviews of cosmetic surgeons.

And then there’s this video, specifically made for software engineers:

The video - a sort of personalized cover of the ILoveMakonnen and Drake song – shows off the freedom RealSelf gives its developers. It also shows off some of the company’s perks, such as free beer and a workforce that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

My favorite part? The rapper’s reference to the Ballmer Peak, a theory that suggests coders perform better after they’ve had a couple of drinks. Interestingly enough, a study has shown the theory might actually have merit.

Either way, the video is certainly a unique way to connect with one of the hardest-to-recruit audiences, software engineers.

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