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  • New LinkedIn Data Shows That Job Seeker Interest Is Shifting to Small Businesses

    October 7, 2020

    Nick Mastronardi needed to hire a software engineer for Polco, his small but thriving company in Middleton, Wisconsin. Polco offers a civic engagement platform on which community leaders can take the pulse of their constituents — and citizens can raise their concerns to City Hall. Talented software engineers are, of course, hard to come by, particularly if you...

  • Image of Damien Hooper Campbell

    Zoom’s Chief Diversity Officer Explores the Future of Inclusion and Remote Work

    September 29, 2020

    After Damien Hooper-Campbell finished working at Goldman Sachs, he thought, “Investment banking is cool, but I want to do something for the community.” Serendipitously, Google reached out to him around this time and asked if he would help the search giant with diversity and inclusion (D&I). “I’ll be honest,” he says, “at that point, I wasn’t sure if companies...

  • The Top Startups of 2020: 50 U.S. Companies That Are Rocking the Marketplace and Attracting Talent

    September 23, 2020

    It’s not as though startups don’t have enough challenges already — the mad scramble for talent, investors, and customers while competing with the deeply entrenched giants of the business world. So, what’s a global pandemic on top of all that? Well, it should be enough to level just about any up-and-comer. But, surprisingly, numerous startups are actually...

  • Why the Head of Diversity is the Job of the Moment

    September 2, 2020

    The job of the moment is not software developer, UX designer, or Amazon Prime delivery driver. It is, instead, a job for which no one...

  • Woman standing outside looking at her phone

    The One Thing You Should Do for Every Single Job Applicant

    September 1, 2020

    In June, longtime public relations professional Linda Beltran lost her job as the global communications services director for Oracle....

  • I've made it to final round interviews at two companies since I lost my job due to COVID. In both cases, I spent multiple hours on Zoom, crafted and delivered presentations, participated in role plays, and taught myself their software so I could evangelize it in my interviews.  In both cases, I was informed via email that they would not be moving forward. No explanation, no feedback, just "we went another way."  Asking so much of a candidate in preparation of an interview, and then not even picking up the phone to deliver the news is lazy and disrespectful. As a candidate, it's painful under normal circumstances, but especially traumatizing during COVID where we are all feeling insecure, panicked and anxious about our futures.

    In Viral Post, Out-of-Work Recruiter Asks for One Thing

    August 10, 2020

    Recruiter Sophie Symonds has clearly touched a nerve. She wrote a post about losing her job to COVID-19 that has resonated with...