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  • How Cisco Reinvented Its Employer Brand with One Word: Trust

    May 1, 2017

    Over and over, our friends in the recruiting world keep asking us the same questions. At conferences: “What’s your secret?” Over drinks and virtual Webex coffees: “How’d you do it?” In texts and InMails from connections: “How can we do what you’re doing?” Ever since Cisco completely turned around our employer brand in six months, everyone wants our Talent Brand...

  • How Cisco Completely Turned Around Its Employer Branding on Social in Only 6 Months

    January 28, 2016

    In early 2015, this is the kind of post you’d find on the Cisco Careers social channels: “#HotJob - Cisco is #hiring an #engineer in #SiliconValley. Join our team. (link here.)” Between these job postings and regurgitating what the corporate social channels were posting, we’d get a couple of likes, maybe a repost or two – all from recruiters. No one else was...