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  • 12 Questions Every Manager Should Ask to Build an Inclusive Hiring Process

    December 31, 2019

    If you manage a team of people, I’d like you to answer two questions: Q1: Who owns the hiring effort for your team? Q2: And, who owns the diversity of your team? If the answer to both of these is not the person you see in the mirror every morning, you’re doing it wrong. As the manager of a team, you’re responsible for the talent on the team — attracting them to...

  • Photo of US Olympic swimmer Simone Manuel

    Talent Management Lessons From the Consultant Behind 123 Olympic Swimming Medals

    September 16, 2019

    Over the past four Olympic Games, swimmers representing the United States have won 123 medals, including 56 golds. USA Swimming’s long-time high-performance consultant Russell Mark has his fingerprints on many of those medals. Russell studies video and data then makes suggestions to swimmers and coaches to help them achieve faster times. In fact, The Washington...

  • What 4.3M+ Open Candidates on LinkedIn Means for Employers

    March 16, 2017

    Last fall, I attended LinkedIn’s annual Talent Connect event, where some of my colleagues presented on how Nielsen is using people analytics to increase employee retention. As the SVP of Talent Acquisition at Nielsen, I was excited to share what we are doing and learn from my peers. I was also interested to see what new product releases LinkedIn would announce....