7 Recruiting Ads That You Can’t Help But Read

November 19, 2015

With the global economy picking up steam and great talent becoming harder and harder to get, employer branding is as important as ever. So, organizations across the world are using social mediatheir own career site and even traditional advertising to get the absolute best people to work for them.

Because of that, the market is noisier than ever. And then, the question is: How do you create a recruiting advertisement that will cut through all that noise and actually get the attention of the people you want?

You create something great or something bold or something unique. To help inspire you, we found seven recruiting ads that immediately jump off the screen and grab your attention.

1. Laazi pries into your deepest fantasy (just kidding...)

  • recruiting ad

A classic bait-and-switch by Laazi, a software company, but it certainly catches your eye.

2. The David versus Goliath appeal

  • recruiting ad

Looks like a corrupted Apple ad, until you read the fine print: "hungry designers wanted/email@tonicdubai.com."

In fact, it's a job advertisement by the Dubai-based marketing firm Tonic, suggesting they want designers hungry to take on the big guys.

3. And the Bram Stoker Award goes to…

  • recruiting ads

Speaking of advertisements that seek for ambitious designers, here is an eye-catching one that Bram Stoker himself would be proud of.

4. McDonald’s goes bold

  • recruiting ad

Relax. The fine print says McDonald’s hires “individuals”, and treats everyone who works there equally.

What’s interesting is you’d think a smaller company with less to lose would try something like this. But a massive restaurant chain like McDonald’s going this bold proves that any company should, even if they take a slight different tact.

5. I challenge you to fix this ad

  • recruiting ads

The Chicago-based design firm FCB did the classic challenge advertisement, which sort of forces you to take a second and give it some thought.

6. A very punny advertisement

  • recruiting ad

Great pun here by a radio station looking for salespeople to sell air time. Very clever and definitely gets your attention.

7. Only the best should apply

  • recruiting ad

This one is from the “CEOs apply now” to make-a-difference (while actually getting paid!) play. It succeeds at both cutting through the noise and adding value and prestige to the job.


So often in business there’s a focus on strategy and metrics, which are both critical. But if you don’t have great creative, all the strategy and metrics in the world won’t overcome that.

That rule applies to employer branding as well. Yes, you want to target the right people and you want to measure the right things. But the true challenge is finding a message that’s going to cut through the noise and resonate with your audience.

The seven examples all do the first part, at the very least. Perhaps they can serve as inspiration while you design your own employer branding material. Hopefully, they encourage you to avoid the traditional or the obvious and stand out from the rest by daring boldly with your words.

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