What ‘Company Vibes’ Define Your Employer Brand?

February 4, 2016

Whether you know it or know, your company has a vibe. And hopefully, your candidates are “pickin' up good vibrations” just like the Beach Boys. The question is – what exactly is your vibe?

Well, my company spent the last year studying hundreds of employer brands (click here to learn more). Using five main attributes, we have identified four core company vibes:

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You may be able to identify your company vibe just by looking at this list, but you can also take this free quiz to determine your vibe.

So, why is doing this exercise useful? We’ve learned that for an employer brand to stand out to talent, you need to provide context.

One way to do this is to create a common language to evaluate companies on a core set of their employer brand attributes (enter the company vibes). If job seekers can compare companies based on these attributes, they can seek out the companies that fit their needs faster and more effectively - which makes them more confident and excited about applying to your open positions

How your company can leverage its vibe

Once you know your company vibe, it gets much easier to build and promote employer branding content. Most companies will have a predominant company vibe, but sometimes an employer can be a combination of two.

For example, Teampeople.tv is an A/V staffing company based outside Washington, D.C. A medium sized firm with 50-500 employees, this fast-growing employer believes their company vibe is a combination of Hipster and Techie. Recruiter, Manderson Zerby, explains:

“We are creative, technology forward-thinking, and like to have FUN. But, at the end of the day, we meet deadlines and won’t stop until the work is complete.”

While this explanation of their employer brand makes total sense, offering job seekers content that portrays a Hipster / Techie company vibe enables talent to feel a connection to the company’s employer brand more quickly and intensely. As an example, check out the article Teampeople.tv provided talent to show how they have “fun with a purpose.”

How job seekers can learn more about company vibes (and, find you faster)

Once a common language is in place to help job seekers learn about employer brands, there are many ways it can be incorporated into a strategy to help talent learn more about working at your company.

One example is, The Job Shop - a video series designed to teach job seekers what to look for in an employer. Watch the first episode below featuring Teampeople.tv’s Hipster-Techie employer brand.

[If you’re interested in applying to be on The Job Shop, the first 50 companies will be featured for free - read more here.]

For more information on how you can leverage your company vibe and other employer attributes to your advantage, click here to check out this free webinar called, ‘5 (Ridiculously) Simple Steps to Creating Your Employer Brand.”

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