Why “Interactive Recruiting” Is the Future of Talent Acquisition

March 21, 2017

At least several times each day, I get pitched new recruiting technology. I honestly can’t believe how much money is being spent creating the next big breakthrough in sourcing and hiring talent. And yet, it really shouldn’t surprise me. Here’s why...

The evolution of recruiting technology

Below is the talent spectrum - a breakdown of where workers fall in terms of their attractiveness to recruiters and how various recruiting methods attract a certain type of talent. Let’s take a closer look at how technology has impacted recruiting on this spectrum through the years:

It started over 20 years ago with the arrival of online job boards. Monster and Careerbuilder gave recruiters a way to attract candidates with a single posting. Today, we call this “reactive recruiting,” better known as, “post & pray.”

It worked for a while, but has now turned into a labor-intensive process where recruiters spend hours getting blurry-eyed as they pour through the hundreds of unqualified applicants who have submitted their resumes and expect a response.

This pushed the need for more innovation

The result: “Proactive recruiting.” This enabled us to identify and target particular candidates by reaching out to them directly, introducing them to our companies and job opportunities on a selective basis.

However, this technique is starting to fatigue for some recruiters. Why? Many recruiters are leveraging the platforms incorrectly, causing the best candidates to feel SPAMMED by the multitude of emails and calls they receive about job opportunities that don’t suit them.

Enter the future of recruiting (and, the future is now)

What’s working for the best recruiting teams today is something called “interactive recruiting.” It’s when a company uses the same techniques it uses to attract customers to source and hire talent. This involves a more complex, organic process of communication. It leverages a company’s employment brand as a way to draw top talent into conversations that help build mutual trust and respect. Eventually, it leads to hiring and a win-win partnership between employee and employer.

The best part about “interactive recruiting?”It doesn’t require major investments in new technology

Instead, the next ‘big thing’ in recruiting is about learning new approaches that enable you to stand out and give the right talent for your organization a VIP customer experience. Think of it this way: I could give you all the best construction tools in the world, but if you don’t know what to use and when, you can’t build a thing! The same thing applies to recruiting today and how we use the existing technology available to us. Our recruiting techniques must constantly evolve.

Which leads to…

On March 28th, myself and fellow recruiting pro, Ed Nathanson will be doing a webinar, “How To Be Your Company’s Recruiting HERO In 2017.” In it, we’ll be discussing Interactive Recruiting, The Fishbowl Effect, and much more. Come see how you can upskill your recruiting efforts and deliver a VIP customer experience to the talent your company so desperately wants to hire! We’ll be leaving plenty of time for Q&A, so they’ll be a chance for participants to share as well.

Can’t make the live event? That’s okay, sign up today and we’ll send you the recording after the session.

Come see how you can leverage interactive recruiting to your advantage this year. I promise you’ll be glad you did!

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