Are You Frustrated With Your Recruiting Job? Try This…

November 19, 2015

Recently, I’ve had a few recruiters reaching out to me in confidence and saying, “I’ve had it. I want out of recruiting.”

And, I get it. Right now, we’re at the worst point of the shift in our economy with respect to recruiting. There’s a huge - I mean HUGE -talent shortage. However, the realization still hasn’t hit the executive level yet. That means, the finance department hasn’t been made aware a massive increase in money and resources needs to be added to the recruiting budget.

I can prove it to you: This report indicates in spite of the fact that more than 50% of companies plan to increase recruiting in 2016, none of them plan to spend more money doing it. Wait, what?! Yes, it’s true. They’re expecting the recruiting department to recruit more, but without any help.

This is what’s making recruiters want to quit. Can you relate?

The problem: Being the voice of reason doesn’t work on deaf ears

It’s not like the recruiters who want to quit haven’t tried to explain this to management. I guarantee everyone reading this has mentioned repeatedly how impossible purple squirrel hunting is right now.

Yet, instead of listening to you and giving you what you need, management turns around and questions your abilities as a recruiter. Often, looking closely at your productivity and blaming that for the lack of results.

This response to your pleas is more than frustrating, it’s demotivating. It makes you want to ditch the entire profession. But, before you do…

Instead of quitting, bring in 3rd party credibility to give the executive team the ah-ha moment they need

One of the recruiters that contacted me recently agreed to let me talk to the hiring manager who was the source of her grief. We positioned it as follows: I was writing a story about the company and featuring them on CAREEREALISM as a way to get more attention on the job opening. [FYI - This is a free service my company offers, you can check it out here.] I needed to ask the hiring manager a few questions so I could accurately display the company, department, and position.

While on the phone, I was able to ask the hiring manager some questions that forced him to realize just how hard it was to fill his job. Here are the five questions I asked:

  1. Can you tell me how many people you think are qualified to do the job in this geographic area?
  2. How many employers around here do you think have these types of candidates?
  3. Why can’t we take someone junior and teach them how to do this job?
  4. Why would you take this job if you were a candidate?
  5. What would make you not take this job if you were a candidate?

Within fifteen minutes of talking, I was able to get the hiring manager to see how tough he was making it on the recruiter to find the right candidate. Better still, I got a GREAT story to write and feature on CAREEREALISM.

In the story, I was able to backlink to the recruiter and her open positions. I then showed her how to use Sponsored Updates on LinkedIn to put the story in front of her target demographic.

For less than $100, we were able to get 15 passive candidates to reach out to her about the position. Better still, by the time she presented four of the candidates to the hiring manager, he was appreciative and more reasonable about his expectations.

It shouldn’t surprise you the hiring manager found the right person. However, the best part for me was hearing the joy in the recruiter’s voice when she called me with the good news. She had gotten her recruiting mojo back. This “win” had recommitted her to the profession.

Don't forget, starting over won’t be easy either

My fellow recruiters, before you throw in the towel, consider finding a way to bring a third-party into the conversation with your hiring manager. Reach out to industry thought leaders here on LinkedIn and ask to chat with them about your recruiting challenges. You’d be surprised how many of us would be happy to assist in helping your hiring manager have a much-needed “ah-ha moment.” We know what you’re going through! One strategic conversation with the hiring manager could be all it takes to get things back on track.

Do you really want to give up without trying this first? I hope not!

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