A Poem-Worthy Look Back at All the Ways Recruiters Crushed It in 2016

December 7, 2016

2016 is almost over -- and it most likely had a good amount of ups and downs (hopefully more of the former). However you’re feeling about the end of the year, one fact can’t be denied… recruiters, sourcers, recruiting coordinators and talent acquisition leaders have transformed businesses across the globe. The work you do has a profound impact on people’s lives.

In the year-end spirit, we pulled together data on the impact this community has... and the numbers are pretty incredible. Your collective work impacts MILLIONS of people. We were so inspired that we wrote a poem and infographic to illustrate your success. Check it out and share what makes you proud to be a recruiter with #linkedincelebration.

A Holiday Ode to Recruiters

The holiday season is here, it’s time to go to your family and friends with love and cheer.

Before you leave the office for a break, there’s some appreciation we’d like you to take.

The year has not been easy, we’re sure of that… some days you may have wanted to hit your phone with a bat.

But recruiting is a function more noble than most, and certainly not a role where you can simply coast.

It takes grit, patience, perseverance and charm, and more often than not, multitasking that might cause others alarm.

From flaky candidates to demanding requisitions, it’s no easy feat to have surpassed expectations.

Day after day you put yourself out there, hoping to find the perfect multilingual Java developer.

The lows can feel low, tiring and disheartening, but the wins (the WINS!) are bold, bright and enlightening!

You are changing lives, dear recruiter, with the work you do, and the impact you have is felt through and through.

Each InMail, email and call you make, could be the one to deliver that person’s next big break.

Possibilities are considered, eyes are opened, and all that happens when you work your magic and have candidates chosen!

You pull out the best in the candidates you seek, and your words have the power to make happy tears leak.

Your passion for people cannot be denied, and when you place the right person, success shines all the way outside.

Thank you recruiter for being compassionate, without you there would be no satisfied candidates.

You make the business world go ‘round, there’s no doubt about it - recruiting is where it’s at, companies would shrivel without it.

So we ask, before you take off for the holidays this year, that you pause and remember all the lives and families you helped with a career.

You are powerful, wonderful and cut through the hullabaloo - we here at LinkedIn are in awe of all you do.

As mentioned, the community of recruiters on LinkedIn has affected millions of lives this year. We pulled together the activity of recruiters globally in an infographic. The collective impact is incredible! Cue the confetti and celebrate a job well done.

This data reflects the global activity of LinkedIn Recruiter users from January 1, 2016- December 1, 2016. The totals do not reflect the activity of our entire audience, certain geographies and segments are excluded.

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