Working for Prince Harry and the 9 Other Most Irresistible Job Postings from the UK

January 25, 2018

When Buckingham Palace hires, the world eagerly wants to know—“could I possibly make the cut?”

The British Royal family recently posted a job on LinkedIn for a Senior Communications Officer, working with Prince Harry and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. In fact, the job drew so much attention that we can officially proclaim—it is the most popular job posting on LinkedIn UK for 2017.

Imagine the intake meeting for that role—Prince Harry, William and Kate, the gang’s all there. Well, for some lucky individual in the Palace, this is real #recruiterlife.

But, we know that 99% of us can’t compete with the Royals and we were curious to find out what other job posts got attention. So, we looked at LinkedIn job views in the UK across thousands of ads last year. And, these were the other most popular posts:

The top 10 most-viewed LinkedIn UK job ads in 2017

1. Senior Communications Officer - The Households of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and HRH Prince Henry of Wales

2. Investment Associate - SoftBank Group

3. Professional Beer Taster - Meantime Brewing Company

4. Management Consultant, Senior Associates/Consultants - The Boston Consulting Group

5. Chocolate and Cocoa Beverage Taster- Mondelez International Europe

6. Investment Analyst (Equity) - Nomura Asset Management

7. Worst Graduate Job - Don't Bother - AJG Direct

8. Marketing Intern - Chanel

9. Global Marketing Assistant - Jimmy Choo

10. HBO Admin & Office Assistant (UK) - HBO

These are clearly very different roles, but there are some lessons that any recruiter can take away from this ranking (and maybe get your next job post on the list).  

  • Make your job irresistible: It’s easy to understand why people would be interested in being a “chocolate and cocoa beverage taster” or “professional beer taster.” People need an escape from standard office work and these are just the ticket. So if your job is off the beaten bath, make that clear right away. And if it’s not, think about what makes it unique and tout it.
  • Bring in some humor where you can: “Worst graduate job ever” is not something we would necessarily recommend as a job title because people won’t be searching for this title, but the humor and intrigue are undeniable. While sticking to traditional titles is best for getting your job found, you can always add a little humor and fun to the job post itself to show personality and get attention.
  • Build up a strong employer brand: It’s not surprising that brands like of Chanel, Jimmy Choo, HBO peaked people's interest—many would love to work for these companies because of their strong employer and product brands. In fact, Chanel is listed as the 2nd best company to work for in our Top Companies France 2017 report. If you are shaking your head and saying “too bad, I don’t have the same brand recognition as these guys,” this is double the reason to invest in your employer brand. Painting a compelling picture of what it’s like to work in your company, is sure to grab people’s attention even if they haven’t heard of you before (see the AJG posting above).

Now, if you’re still thinking about the Royal family’s job post and wondering if, just maybe, they need more help in the recruiting department, the good news is their hiring game is still strong. The Royal Household just posted another job—this time for a Communications Assistant.

*Image from Kensington Palace

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