4 Recruiters With Eye-Catching LinkedIn Profile Headlines

May 16, 2016

“Pepsi: We make soda." "Delta: We fly airplanes.” “Nike: We make sports stuff.”

If those were advertisements, they’d make for some pretty boring Super Bowl commercials. Fortunately for us (and for them) major brands don’t use basic slogans for their ads. And, neither should you.  

When it comes to writing our LinkedIn profile headline (that line of text that appears just below your name), many of us take a “just-the-facts” approach, listing only our companies or job titles. But make no mistake: that profile headline is your own personal ad.

So, why not go beyond the basic? A creative headline can be the virtual icebreaker that starts a conversation that leads to your next hire. Tell people what makes you unique. And, highlight your employer brand, as well as your own.

There’s no one formula for a great headline. But, here are the LinkedIn profiles of four real-life recruiters whose headlines fit their personality and mission. You can use them to inspire your own:

1. The dream maker

  • linkedin recruiter headline

What else would you expect from a recruiter for Disney? With her “imagine the possibilities” line, Erin cleverly takes something we’ve associated with Disney since childhood — imagination — and links it to the bright future she can provide a job seeker.

Her photo is the icing on the cake: decked out in Mickey Mouse ears as she sits by the computer, Erin looks like she's just waiting for us to InMail her so she can take us on that magic carpet ride to a new career. Walt would be proud!

2. The salesperson 

  • linkedin recruiter headline

“Mad Men’s” Don Draper would love this if he were on LinkedIn (or, if he were a real person). Laura’s powerful headline is full of strong, expansive words: “very, “best,” “world,” “largest.” Its subtle implication— “the very best” people belong at Samsung — is an enticing message for a job hunter. If Laura ever gets tired of recruiting, she might have a future in advertising.

3. The giver

  • linkedin recruiter headline

Sometimes the best way to tell people what you are is to tell them what you’re not. Jason’s headline does that. By calling himself an “unCorporate” Recruiter, Jason cleverly references his company’s charitable mission (for every pair of shoes TOMS sells, it donates a pair to a poor child in a developing country). And he offers the fulfillment one can get from “giving back” — something for which the traditional corporate world isn’t always known. This is how you appeal to your audience while also your bolstering your employer brand. Including his email address is a nice touch, too.

4. The fun starter

  • linkedin recruiter headline

Yes, lots of recruiters mention “unicorns” and “purple squirrels” on their LinkedIn profiles to illustrate their ability to land that mythical, impossible-to-find perfect hire. But Kate’s headline goes all-in on that promise; there are more mythical creatures in her headline than in your average “Star Wars” movie.

Kate calls herself a creative recruiter and she certainly shows that with her whimsical headline. That, in addition to her fun and inviting photo, not only makes you want to work at Amazon; it makes you hope your desk is next to hers!

As a recruiter, you’re marketing yourself and the company you’re hiring for in your headline. And you’re asking for much more than a sale; you’re asking potential candidates to trust their futures to you. So, make that line of text count and show who you are and what you're all about.

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*Image from Minions

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