7 Free Things You Can Do to Get the Most Out of Your Job Postings on LinkedIn

February 22, 2016

Whenever you post a job, you want to do everything you can to get the absolute most out of that posting in order to get truly great talent to apply.

Luckily, whenever you post a job on LinkedIn, our platform will automatically start getting that job in front of the right people. Even if you do nothing, chances are you’ll get strong candidates to apply.

But, there are more things you can do to get your post in front of the right talent. And, all of them are free.

1. Share the post on your social media sites

This is a quick and easy way to get started.

When you post a job on LinkedIn, be sure to share it on LinkedIn as well as your company’s other social media pages. It will certainly increase the reach.

2. Encourage your team to do the same

This can be huge. Your team is probably connected to a lot of other people in the industry. By having them post on their LinkedIn and other social media pages, obviously you are going to reach all those people. Additionally, if one of your team’s connections applies, you can get useful intel about the person from that teammate.

3. Look at candidate recommendations on the “Jobs” page

When you post a job on LinkedIn, we will help you by recommending people who would be a good fit. If you go on the page of the job posting, there will be a list of recommended candidates for the job.

Those are good people to InMail and start having conversations with to see if they are right for the role.

4. Post the job in appropriate LinkedIn Groups

If only there were groups set up on the web where the exact type of people you were looking to hire hung out….

Well you are in luck -- that’s pretty much what LinkedIn Groups are. You don't want to spam them, but if you have a job posting that you think people in the LinkedIn Group would be interested in, you should post it.

Not sure what LinkedIn Group to target? If you pull the Talent Pool Report for the job type and location, you’ll see what groups are most popular within your target market.

5. Make sure your LinkedIn Company Page is a good representation of your company

The best people often don’t just see a job posting and apply. They do research and see if the job is really a fit for them.

Therefore, if you want to attract great candidates, it isn’t just enough to write a compelling job posting (although that doesn’t hurt). You also should have a strong LinkedIn Company Page, which represents your company’s EVP – employee value proposition – clearly. And you should pick a compelling photo for your Company Page, avoid buzzwords and use metrics to help track its relative success.

6. Optimize your team’s LinkedIn profiles

This goes along with the last point.

Great candidates are going to not just check out your LinkedIn Company Page, but also the LinkedIn profiles of you and the people on your team. So make them standout.

Similar to a strong LinkedIn Company Page, that means having a solid profile photo, telling a compelling story and avoiding cringe-worthy buzzwords.

Top performers want to work with other top performers. So encourage your team to brag a bit about what they’ve done on their LinkedIn page, as that’s only going to help them get more great teammates.

7. Use LinkedIn for more than just posting jobs

LinkedIn shouldn’t be just about what people can do for you, i.e. apply to work for your company, but also what you can do for them.

That means sharing knowledge you and your company has gained, passing along compelling content you found useful and showing a bit of your personality. That’s going to help you build a following, so when you do post a job, you’ll get far more interest.

*Image from Death to the Stock Photo

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