Are You a LinkedIn Recruiter Pro or Novice? [QUIZ]

September 29, 2016

As a recruitment professional, you've gotten familiar with LinkedIn Recruiter. But, do you really know how much you do (or don't) know about the tool? 

In 2013, the LinkedIn Certified Professional-Recruiter exam was launched to help talent acquisition professionals like you become credible experts in Recruiter, stand out on the network, and advance your career. And, this past July, we updated the Certification exam to include the latest updates to the Next Generation of Recruiter, so timing is perfect for you to consider getting Certified.

Not sure about your expertise level? Below is a 10-question “pop quiz” to quickly gauge your know-how in all things LinkedIn Recruiter:

Whether you're a pro or novice, getting LinkedIn Certificatied can boost your success in many ways. In fact, on average, certified recruiters impact 1.7x more hires than their non-Certified peers:

  • InMail messages from Certified recruiters are accepted 1.5x more on average.
  • As a Certified recruiter you’ll be invited to feedback sessions to help influence our Talent Solution products.
  • You’ll get a special logo so you can display your expertise on your LinkedIn profile, in email signatures, and more.

Kelly Bryant, Senior Recruitment/Talent Advisor at LivaNova, says her team “has effectively been able to take our company recruiter savings from thousands to millions in a year after the Recruiter Certification. We have been able to fill our higher-profile roles in less than 60 days and have seen an increase in our quality of hires.” 

Think you're ready? Learn more about how Certification can help you stand out as an expert and reach your recruitment goals. Get cerfified here!

*Offerings in the Talent Solutions Learning Center are available only to current Recruiter license holders.