5 Fascinating Insights About Talent in the Nonprofit Sector

December 29, 2015

You’ve probably heard a lot about how millennials want jobs that will make a difference. Well, turns out this doesn't apply only to millennials. Recent research shows that “making an impact” in their jobs and helping others is, in fact, a motivator for experienced talent as well.

This is great news for nonprofits. You already have a strong mission and this has substantial impact on your ability to recruit talent -- 75% of professionals on LinkedIn report that they are interested in working for a nonprofit.

To celebrate the draw of nonprofits and the caliber of talent you recruit daily, we decided to dig deeper into LinkedIn data. We analyzed LinkedIn member profiles and company data and surveyed 2K+ nonprofit professionals in the US. Here is what we found:

1. Nonprofit professionals are highly educated

According to our data, people who work for nonprofits are 62% more likely to have bachelors degree than the general population and 77% more likely to have post-grad schooling.

In addition, nonprofit professionals have an average of 7.75 years of job experience, compared to the general population's 6.34 years. And when we aggregated the work experience of the 4.7 million nonprofit employees on LinkedIn, it came out to 36M+ years total.

  • nonprofit experience

2. And have very strong people skills

In order to meet the nonprofit sectors challenges, professionals have developed unique skillsets. People-focused skills like customer service, management, and event planning rank as highly as traditional business proficiencies, like Microsoft Office.  

  • nonprofit skills

3. Non-profits are drawing a lot of talent from retail and information technology

Over 203,000 professionals left their jobs to move to the nonprofit sector this year. Retail, Information Technology and Educational management lost the highest number of employees to nonprofits. Cleary, a large number of professionals are looking to make an impact with their work.

  • nonprofit industries

4. The schools and majors that generate nonprofit talent are very diverse and well-rounded

Below are the top 10 schools and majors that nonprofits recruited from in 2015. The great news here is that nonprofit talent is highly diverse, and majors randge from from business, to accounting, to computer science.

  • nonprofit schools and majors

5. Strong employer branding is a major draw for talent

Nonprofits are recruiting talent with compelling employer branding. Check out the video below of Brandon Piper, Manager of Outreach for Success Academy Charter Schools, talking about how he was recruited to work at his organization.

P.S. – If you’re a nonprofit recruiter, there are plenty of opportunities to discover more mission-driven talent on LinkedIn. Check out https://nonprofit.linkedin.com/find-employees to find out more about our nonprofit recruiting solutions.

Check out the full infographic of nonprofits on LinkedIn here.