Find Talent Faster in LinkedIn Recruiter With 3 New Search Filters

September 7, 2016

With access to over 430 million professionals in LinkedIn Recruiter, whittling down search results for the perfect hire involves a lot of names, faces, and qualifications. It’s great to have plenty of talent to choose from, but it can be tough to know whether you’re on the right track to find the best individual for your role and company.

That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce three new advanced search filters - now available for Recruiter and Recruiter Professional Services customers - that will help you zero in on the talent you’re looking for.

These filters can be found in the Advanced Search panel in Recruiter. Here’s more about what you’ll be able to do with each filter:

1. Find fresh faces by hiding profiles you’ve already viewed

When you’re sourcing for a new role or building up a promising pipeline, scanning through hundreds of profiles can take a mental toll, as faces and names start to blend together. Save yourself the time and effort by filtering out candidates you have already viewed.

The new ‘Hide previously viewed’ search filter allows you to quickly remove those profiles you’ve visited within a 3- or 6-month timeframe.

2. Connect with candidates who speak the right language

In today’s globalized marketplace, many roles require a candidate with the ability to speak multiple languages. It’s been possible to filter candidates based on their primary language for a while. But what about finding those candidates who are multilingual?

The new ‘Spoken languages’ filter lets you quickly identify candidates who speak the languages your role requires. You can even specify what level of proficiency is required - from elementary ability to fully bilingual - so you can focus your time on the candidates who are most qualified.

3. Identify and recruit U.S. military veterans

We’re proud to launch a new ‘U.S. Military Veterans’ search filter to help you identify the more than 2.2 million LinkedIn members who have served in the U.S. military.

Veterans bring a wealth of skills and characteristics to their civilian employers that move past the patriotic and cut straight to the bottom line. Through their training and military experience, veterans gain a unique skillset of ingenuity, adaptability, resilience, and team-building skills.

We’ve also found that veterans are power users of LinkedIn. In fact, veterans on LinkedIn cite networking as the #1 source for their post-service careers. On average, veterans have 26% more connections, follow 28% more company pages, and are 25% more likely to accept an InMail than their non-veteran peers. Overall, veterans are an active, engaged, and highly qualified talent pool for your company, and are now much easier to find and recruit on LinkedIn.

These search filters give you three new ways to target the talent you need. Ultimately, we hope that these new advanced search filters help you to find the perfect hire for your role and company.

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