Introducing the Next Generation of LinkedIn Career Pages

October 6, 2016

What do you think of when you hear IBM? Tabulating machines? Typewriters? Hard drives? If you’ve watched their company video recently, you’d discover that’s not what they’re about anymore.

Perception is everything. And getting across the right perception about your organization to the people that matter most — candidates you want to hire — is a necessary first step to attracting and ultimately hiring the most qualified candidates in today’s competitive market.  

That’s why I’m thrilled to introduce the next generation of LinkedIn Career Pages, the newest version of our Career Pages product, which helps you elevate your employer brand to the 450 million professionals worldwide on LinkedIn.  We significantly revamped Career Pages to make it easier for you to tell an authentic story about your culture and careers, improve discoverability of your jobs, and give you robust analytics to measure performance and optimize results.

We did this not only because of the great feedback from our customers, but because we know this is what matters to candidates. According to the 2016 Talent Trends Report, the number one roadblock to applying to a job is not knowing what it’s like to work at the company. And 60% of candidates say that, first and foremost, they want to know about the company culture and values. These statistics are reinforced by results we’ve seen with LinkedIn Career Pages (based on historical data, not yet accounting for improvements):  When candidates view LinkedIn Career Pages, they’re 2.8x more likely to respond to an InMail and 1.3X more likely to apply to an open job.

We couldn’t be more excited about the new Career Pages and are eager to share a few highlights with you here:  

The new page design puts the spotlight on company culture and job opportunities

We’ve made it easier for candidates to discover what you’re all about and more easily find your open jobs opportunities with a new page design organized into three distinct sections — company overview, relevant jobs, and culture (“life”). From the Overview tab, candidates will see visual tabs with personalized previews of content on the “Jobs” tab and “Life” tab, encouraging them to discover more about your culture and careers.

Early results show it’s working — in just four months, our charter customers experienced a 60% average increase in page views per unique visitor, and a 175% average increase in job views from Career Pages.

New ‘Life’ tab to tell your company’s authentic story

Our new Life tab lets you share what life’s really like at your company. Through this tab, you can showcase articles and photos created by your employees — arguably your biggest advocates — along with engaging videos, photos and posts from your company.  

The content modules include:

  • Employee Perspectives: long-form written posts
  • Photo Gallery: photos generated by company and employees
  • Company Leaders: featured profiles introducing key leaders
  • Automated Company Insights: aggregate data on company and culture
  • Hero banner: add video to your top banner and make your culture come to life

Many of these modules suggest pre-populated content or allow you to select employee-created content, making it easy for your Career Pages admin to manage your page.

For those that opt to create multiple versions of the page in order to target different audiences (i.e. tell a different story to an engineering candidate than a marketing candidate), you’ll now have the option to make any or all of these views browseable. This lets visitors explore content tailored by job function and geography, and interest areas like diversity or veterans so they can more deeply discover your organization.

Dedicated ‘Jobs’ tab gives candidates personalized job recommendations and insights into the company’s current employees

In the Jobs tab, every visitor is shown tailored job recommendations and a feed of your open roles. The tab is powered by an improved jobs algorithm, leading to higher conversion rates and more qualified applicants.  

In the “Meet the team” section, candidates can view employees at the company who are similar to them to give them a sense of who their potential colleagues could be.  They can also gain insight into your employees — their education, previous companies, skills, and what they have in common, empowering them to understand the path to hire, and better assess fit with your organization before they apply to your jobs.  

Expanded in-product analytics to measure performance of your Career Pages

You now have access to real-time data to understand what’s working — and what’s not. We’ve included an enhanced dashboard with more analytics and insights to help you track your pages’ performance and how they’re helping you hit your hiring goals at every stage of the recruitment pipeline. You’ll also be able to understand your competition for talent in real-time, with insights like which companies you’re hiring the most talent from and losing the most talent to.

How to get LinkedIn Career Pages

We’re thrilled to share with you the next generation of LinkedIn Career Pages and help you scale  awareness of your employer brand among the candidates you want to hire. Current Career Pages customers gained access to the new enhancements in September. Reach out to your LinkedIn relationship manager or click here if you’d like to join them.

Here’s how our early adopters, Uber and Undertone, have used them:

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