Manage Your Recruiter Account More Effectively With the New Administrator Experience

June 2, 2016

As a LinkedIn Recruiter Admin, you play a critical role in ensuring your recruiting team gets the greatest ROI from the Recruiter product. To help you do this even more effectively, we’ve redesigned the Admin settings page with a simplified interface and new features that will help you perform key tasks independently and instantaneously and select the right product settings for your team.

Here’s a quick peak into what’s new:

1. Managing your Recruiter seats just got easier

Do you often struggle with managing seats when people leave your organization, move teams or go on leave? Wouldn’t it be easier if you could manage these changes without having to contact someone at Linkedin to make them for you?

Good news - we have redesigned the seat management interface and included new features so that you can ensure the right person is in the right seat at all times with a few simple clicks.

You can easily view all your team’s unused seats and reassign seats if you find that the wrong person (e.g. - former employee) is occupying one. You can also reassign seats if a recruiter on your team moves to another role still retaining that individual’s work performed in Recruiter (e.g. - pipeline of candidates, search history).

You can also park a seat temporarily (e.g. - when someone goes on maternity leave) and then un-park the seat to grant access to the original seat holder or reassign the seat to another user. 

Lastly, you can undo a seat reassignment for all the seats that have been reassigned within your contract.

These new features in a simplified interface can help you manage your seats more efficiently and independently.  

2. Improved inbox management when seat-holders change

Have your recruiters struggled with managing their inbox after a seat has been reassigned to them? Wouldn’t it be easier if they could manage both their current and assigned inboxes independently in a simple and intuitive manner, instead of having all emails show up in one single consolidated inbox?

Good news - we have redesigned the inbox management features for reassigned seats such that recruiters can easily continue conversations after a reassignment is done. They will now have access to two inboxes – their current inbox and the assigned inbox. The reassigned inboxes will show up as a new filter under Assigned Inboxes. 

3. Save time by assigning seats in bulk

Let’s say your team just hired 5 new recruiters and you purchased 5 new Recruiter licenses for them. You’ll now be able to assign all of these seats at once with a few simple clicks. All you need is the email addresses of those seat holders associated with their LinkedIn account. The new bulk seat assign feature lets you to assign up to 100 seats at the same time.

4. More control and visibility into your account settings

If you’ve struggled to find the appropriate settings options for your account or felt unsure of whether you should turn a feature on or off, the new Admin experience will make this more simple by allowing you to have more control over your account preferences and feel confident of the settings selected for your Recruiter and Jobs products.

Organized tabs for Overall Features, Jobs, Reporting, Seat Holders and Integrations make it easier to access the section you want to manage. In addition, each tab includes detailed descriptions for the different settings options. For example - the setting, “Enable Email Import” also includes a description explaining that turning on this setting means team members will be able to import emails to Recruiter.

Utilize the organized tabs and detailed descriptions to make the right selections for your account and feel more confident of your selections.

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Check out the new Admin settings page and be assured that all of your current settings will be imported over to the new interface with an ability to make additional selections. We are very excited to take this first step to help you make the most of your investment and drive more efficiency, flexibility and visibility into your account management tasks. Stay tuned as we build more features and tools to help you manage your account more effectively

To get a step-by-step walk through of the features, watch our video tutorial.

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