New LinkedIn Job Posting Experience Helps You Craft Better Job Descriptions

April 18, 2016

When you’re strapped for time and looking for top talent, a great job description can do the hiring for you. But even taking the first step to write your job description is time consuming and overwhelming, especially if you don’t know the skills and qualifications for the role.  

Today, LinkedIn is excited to announce the launch of our new job posting experience, which gives you a helping hand as you write and optimize your job description.

By tapping into skill and profile data from our 400M+ members, we’ll suggest the right skills and education requirements for any role, helping you craft a job description in minutes and helping us better match your jobs to the right candidates.

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Here are three ways our new job posting experience can help you:

1. You'll never have to write a job description from scratch again

When the pressure is on to get the job posted and start hiring, we’re here to help with the first step. At LinkedIn, our data scientists map data from our 400M+ members, 4M+ posted jobs, and 45,000 professional skills. This allows us to have a unique understanding of which skills and requirements are necessary for any job opening.

As you fill in the job title and industry for your open role, we’ll tap into the power of the LinkedIn network to recommend the top skills and education requirements to include in your job description. You won’t have to worry about researching the skills necessary to attract the right talent, our data scientists will do the work for you.


2. You can optimize your posts by staying on top of the most relevant skills for your role

We know that the skills required to excel in a role change every year. As the skills of your target talent change and evolve, your job descriptions need to change alongside them. With our new skill recommendations, we can help ensure your job descriptions include the most up-to-date qualifications for your industry -- helping optimize your postings to target the most qualified talent.

You can even pull up this tool during an intake meeting with your hiring manager: input the job title and location, and brainstorm together which of our recommended skills are best for your open role.


  • linkedin job postings

3. Your job targeting just got even better

The power of posting a job on LinkedIn is that it offers a lot more than a traditional posting. Your job doesn’t just sit waiting to be found by active job seekers -- it scans our database of 400M+ professionals and finds the most qualified talent for you.

We match the skills and qualifications in your job post with the skills and experience that members list on their profile. And, we advertise your openings to the most relevant members as they go about their day -- in their email inbox in the morning, on their mobile phones, and as they’re browsing the LinkedIn platform.

This algorithmic matching helps bring you the most qualified candidates, and using the recommended skills from our new job builder will ensure you’re reaching and engaging the right passive and active talent in our 400M+ member network.

Post a Job on LinkedIn now and see how easy it is to craft job descriptions that find the right talent.

Learn about the new job posting experience through our tutorial video, and check out more tips for writing an irresistible job description here.

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