3 Ways You Can Integrate LinkedIn Recruiting Products and Your ATS

December 12, 2017

Your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a key part of your recruiting process and it’s crucial that it talks to all the LinkedIn sourcing products you use. That’s why earlier this year, we announced that LinkedIn Talent Solutions is working more closely than ever with our ATS partners to integrate with our products.

Through this integration, recruiters and hiring managers can take advantage of seamlessly accessing data across various systems. This helps to uncover new insights about potential candidates, more effectively manage candidate pipelines, and boost productivity. Ultimately, using this data and insights will help strengthen your talent intelligence strategy.

Here are three integration options for LinkedIn and your ATS:

1. Save time with Recruiter System Connect (RSC)

Toggling back and forth between systems is arduous and creates workflow inefficiencies. RSC helps you save time and streamline your workflows between LinkedIn Recruiter and your ATS. It flags all of the candidates that your ATS has “seen” before when you are searching or filtering in LinkedIn Recruiter.

If you find someone good in Recruiter that your ATS hasn’t seen, you can export their basic LinkedIn profile directly to whichever job req you want in your ATS with a single click. It also lets you view the LinkedIn profile directly inside your ATS for candidates you are looking at, as well as your LinkedIn Recruiter notes and Inmail history about that candidate. 

Find out if your ATS has RSC here.

2. Increase candidate applications with Easy Apply

Host your job application process directly on LinkedIn, reducing candidate drop-off and delivering a mobile-friendly experience to candidates. Customers who have implemented Easy Apply experience up to 2X the number of applications without sacrificing quality.

3. Provide a better candidate experience using Apply with LinkedIn

Enable candidates to use their LinkedIn profile information to apply to jobs via your organization’s career site. These candidates not only appear in your ATS, but also in LinkedIn Recruiter as Apply Starters (i.e., candidates who start applying to jobs but don't finish the application) and in the manage Jobs dashboard. Customers who have implemented Apply with LinkedIn see higher conversions of their website traffic and create a better experience for their candidates.

All of these integrations are included for LinkedIn Recruiter and Job Slot customers who use supported ATSs.

We are working closely with our ATS partners to bring you more tools and features to make your jobs easier. If you’re interested in these new enhancements or would like to learn more, take a look to see which LinkedIn integrations your ATS supports.  

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