Driving Jobs Discovery and Hires: LinkedIn’s Partnership With Google

June 20, 2017

At LinkedIn, we’re committed to helping our members find the right job. Over the last several years, we’ve focused on enhancing the LinkedIn.com job discovery experience, and ensuring that members can understand the full context of a career opportunity based on our unique data about the organization, potential teammates, and the role itself. As a result, job exploration is now one of the fastest growing parts of the LinkedIn consumer experience, and over the past 12 months approximately 100M of our members have explored jobs on the LinkedIn platform.

We now see an opportunity to bring the best of LinkedIn to professionals starting their job search on major search engines. For the past several months, we’ve been in collaboration with Google on their recent launch of Google for Jobs, which is a fantastic opportunity to extend the reach of jobs posted on LinkedIn. This collaboration has the potential to meaningfully increase the awareness and discoverability of your LinkedIn job posts, and help drive greater results.

For example, previously when you searched for a job on Google (think: “software engineer in New York city”), you didn’t see a list of jobs, but rather, a list of links to webpages to various job boards and sites. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that online job searches come with a variety of technical challenges (I.e., jobs expire frequently.) Now, if you search for jobs on Google in the U.S., you’ll see job postings from across the web, including your postings on LinkedIn.

Our investment in this new feature in Search further increases our ability to bring job seekers and recruiters closer together. While it’s early days, and our efforts with Google are just starting in the US, we’re very optimistic about what’s to come and will share more as we make progress.

Whether it’s through our job search capability or the job recommendations we surface to members, we’re always on a quest to improve job discovery for professionals around the world. And once our members find a job that catches their attention, we leverage our deep trove of data about the organization, team, and role to paint a rich picture about the opportunity.

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