How LinkedIn Is Helping You Hire Quality Talent Faster

October 11, 2017

If I had to highlight one key takeaway from Talent Connect 2017 it would be how much I was able to learn from talking to you, our customers. You are truly helping to change lives every day through new career opportunities and I am simply excited to have a small role in helping facilitate that change.

As we shared at Talent Connect, data, insights and artificial intelligence (AI) will shape the future of recruiting. Leveraging machine learning and AI, we have been hard at work to deliver value by ensuring that our products integrate these capabilities ultimately empowering you to do your job even better.

When we launched Next Gen Recruiter, our goal was to redefine how you identify and prioritize talent. Through countless conversations, you told us how important it was to be able to zero in on specific candidate groups, know upfront what candidates were looking for and reach out with more effective messages. In case you missed it, here are just a few of the ways we’ve leveraged data to bring new products and insights to address your needs:

  • Better search insights: Our products are leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to save you time, suggest skills you may have missed, and deliver more comprehensive searches. As a result, you are unlocking 40 percent more member profiles per search, which means more of the candidates you’re looking for are turning up in your results.
  • More intelligent filters: To help you prioritize your outreach, we’re also making it easier to identify top candidates through our new Spotlights feature, which filters specific candidate groups that fit a certain criteria. For example, you can see candidates that are more likely to respond, based on whether they have previously interacted with your talent brand or if they started, but didn't finish applying to a job. Open Candidates also allows you to see who has signaled that they are open to new opportunities, open to relocate or more.
  • Easier targeting of contractors: When you need a contractor to fill a highly specific role, it could be difficult to know who on LinkedIn is interested in contractor work. We launched contractor targeting to search specifically for those members who identify or have held contractor roles and today, we have more than 6 million contractors on our platform. You can easily search for these contractors by selecting Contract under the Employment Type filter in the sidebar of LinkedIn Recruiter.
  • Higher InMail response rates: As we get better at leveraging data to predict who those top applicants are, we’re also exploring new ways to help you better connect with them. Earlier this year, we revamped our InMail Analytics tool to give you more insight into how your messages might be impacting your hiring process. Although recruiters still send roughly the same number of InMails, we’ve seen around 45% more responses this year and the total number of continuing, two-way conversations started on Recruiter has almost doubled.

Recruiting, however, is a two-way street and with more than 530 million members, we are in an exciting position to surface your jobs to even more quality candidates than before. Here’s how:

  • Improving the job-seeker experience: We now have more than 11 million jobs and more than 20 million candidates are viewing and applying to jobs every week on LinkedIn. To ensure we are reaching members where they are, we have developed a more intuitive mobile-first job experience, which has doubled our reach to job-seekers. With access to the jobs tab on the mobile app and desktop, as well as the “Jobs you may be interested in” feature, we are making it simpler for your jobs to reach more targeted candidates.

I am so excited to continue learning from you in this role and evolving our products to do even more. Most importantly, we are excited to have you, to make these products come to life. So please reach out to your LinkedIn representative with any additional feedback or insight -- we want to hear from you.

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