The Redesigned LinkedIn Campaign Manager Helps You Easily Target Candidates with Ads and Content

February 14, 2019

In recent years, talent pools seem to have become talent puddles, and it can feel like a monumental victory when you're able to find that one ideal new hire. What can your recruiting team possibly do when it needs to find dozens or hundreds of new hires who are perfect fits?

LinkedIn Campaign Manager is designed to help talent acquisition teams find those ideal candidates by reaching job seekers more quickly and, importantly, at scale using targeted advertising. This sponsored content and recruitment ads lets the right audience know at the right time that you have positions open. And now Campaign Manager is being completely overhauled to make setting up and executing campaigns simpler and more intuitive. With the upcoming rollout of Objective-Based Advertising in Campaign Manager, recruiters will find it easier to build campaigns and measure their impact.

To learn more about our Objective-Based Advertising, check out this video:

Your campaigns will start with your objectives

Going forward, the starting point for your campaign will be your end goal. What do you want to drive? Brand awareness? Consideration? Conversions?

To begin each campaign, you’ll choose an objective under Awareness, Consideration and Conversions. Campaign Manager will now approach campaigns the same way you do, focusing on the objective first. We’ll surface only the ad formats and features that support your objective.

For example, if you want to generate more website traffic, you set up  your campaign by clicking on the “Website visits” button under Consideration.  By choosing this objective, your campaign will be optimized toward audiences more likely to click to your LinkedIn Career Page, explore an open job post, or read a piece of thought leadership about your company.

Knowing your objective, Campaign Manager will optimize your campaign to drive job seekers to that destination.

Or say, instead, you really want to generate talent leads in Pipeline Builder.

You’re hoping to send traffic to your Pipeline Builder page so that job seekers will take a specific action, like sharing their contact information with you so they can learn more about an open role. We’ll help you build a campaign that is designed with that goal in mind (talent leads are available to Pipeline Builder customers only).

Campaign Manager will roll out many new features, including easier navigation and a live ad preview

The redesign of Campaign Manager has created an opportunity to fine-tune some current capabilities and to add some exciting new functionality:

  •  Easier navigation. We’ve combined multiple screens into a single flow that will make it easier to launch your campaigns.
  •  Live ad preview. You’ll be able to see your ad as it’s being built, taking all the guesswork out of what your message will look when it’s posted on Linkedn.

  • Forecasting panel. With this new feature, we’ll provide you with estimates of how your campaign will perform based on similar campaigns that have already been run. You can change the inputs and quickly see how the expected results or costs will change.

Final thoughts: Campaigns will not only be easier to build, they’ll be easier to measure

Since your campaigns will now start with your objective, Campaign Manager will soon be able to automatically report your results against that objective. In addition to seeing your key results, you’ll be able to select from seven additional views to surface metrics that matter to you.

Stay tuned. We’ll be announcing more features and functionalities over the course of the year. To learn more, you can always visit our help center.

You’re going to have better results by getting the right campaign to the right people at the right time.

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